Opening Prayer

All That Is and Ever Will Be/Divine Source:

Please bless this space and work. Allow my heart and inner hearing to be open and receptive to your whisperings. May only the Highest of Good Wisdom come thru me at this time. Allow my inner mind and eyes to see, know and interpret that which you would have me know. Help me to clearly understand your signs and signals; make them so they are accurate, specific, healing, and filled with blessings for all involved.

My intention is to increase love of self, others and the world through Inner Peace, unconditional Love and overflowing Joy.




Unicorn Affirmations

  1. Aspiration: The unicorns support my aspirations.

  2. Birth: I expect new and wondrous things to arrive in my life.

  3. Blessings: I send unicorn blessings to everything and everyone today.

  4. Choices: I listen to the unicorns and make wise choices today.

  5. Closeness: I know my unicorn is close to me.

  6. Dignity: I am calm, strong and dignified for my unicorn is with me.

  7. Divine Sight: I see the divine in everyone.

  8. Feather: I look for a message from my unicorns today.

  9. Flight: I use my imagination to expand my visions.

  10. Freedom: My unicorn is setting me free.

  11. Future: With unicorn help I have the power to create a wonderful future.

  12. Help: The unicorns are helping me.

  13. Honesty: I act with honour and integrity in all things.

  14. Hope: I look for rainbows ahead.

  15. Intuition: It is safe to act on my intuition.

  16. Indivisibility: It is safe to let people recognise me for who I truly am.

  17. Laughter: I make light of my challenges.

  18. Magic: I expect magic today.

  19. Manifestation: I will do something to help others today.

  20. Moving: My unicorn is helping me to move forward.

  21. Mystery: I am looking for the unexpected.

  22. Openings: I seize all available opportunities and make my own.

  23. Perspecitive: I look through unicorn eyes.

  24. Prompting: I reach out with an open heart today.

  25. Prosperity: I accept all prosperity with joy and gratitude.

  26. Rainbow: I expect beneficial outcomes.

  27. Seeking Good: I am looking for the positive in my life.

  28. Service: I seek that which satisfies my soul.

  29. Soul Purpose: I act from my heart today.

  30. The Silence: I am finding time to be still and quiet today.

  31. Surprise: I look for a surprise today.

  32. Wisdom: I act with wisdom today.

  33. Listening: I quieten my mind and listen to my unicorn today.

  34. Soul Satisfaction: I do that which satisfies my soul.

  35. Wishes: I focus on my unicorn wish today.

  36. Mother Mary: I am open to divine blessings.

  37. Archangel Michael: I stand in my power and help others with integrity.

  38. Archangel Uriel: I spread peace today.

  39. Archangel Gabriel: I am clear about my next step.

  40. Archangel Raphael: I am open to receiving healing and abundance.

  41. Pegasus: I open my heart today.

  42. King of the Unicorns: I act regally.

  43. Queen of the Unicorns: I act with wisdom and compassion.

  44. The Christ: I love everyone unconditionally.

Affirmations from the Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

mother mary

Forever Blessed

This land is not yours it belongs to our future children (if anyone) and to the source of all creation guiding our spirits home. The drum is being pounded on, hearts are beating so quickly now. The assault is evident and everywhere. But I remember the vision of light and the dawning of a new day. They both come through darkness. We look to the ancestors, teachers, shamans and mystics to guide us. Their wisdom points our own arrows in the right direction but ultimately we must take the final aim and let go to hit the mark. The same power that resides in them, lives in us. If we look deep within we can see that it has been there all along.

I’ve made some big mistakes in life. Things I’m not proud of or happy with. I’ve broken hearts and unfortunately have led people and myself astray. I was wrong and I can say I learned from those experiences. I learned what not to do. I learned how not to conduct myself. I learned that the straight and narrow is usually the most reliable path. I got closer to Source in those moments. It was during times of struggling that I came to rely on Spirit.

It is my belief that a new world is emerging. One where understanding, compassion and love are the guides.

The old world will fall away. None of it will be stable enough to last. The starseed children will be building a new paradigm and a new vision of unity, progress and global peace on Earth. Karma will be balanced and humans will transcend into a higher dimension and frequency. All of this will happen easily and effortlessly as the old falls away. We will see and experience Grace in a new and profound way.

My prayer for all of humanity is that we may come to know the love and peace in our own hearts and transmit it to the world around us. May we heal ourselves and then each other. May we believe in each other and the power of prayer. May love heal and enlighten us all. May your dance with the cosmos be brilliant.

May you forever be blessed and a blessing.