Snake Medicine

Not gonna chase or reach anymore. Closure came the moment I let go. Shining in Goddess light now, reflecting on my own Divine nature.

Not gonna worry or stress about much anymore. It’s useless and a waste of time. The surface is where you reside, the mask of stereotypical reality. I’m down deep in depths of spirit, a place you’d never understand.

Into the moment, the stillness, the truth of our beingness, and being that. I’m changing my auric shell into a more fluid heart bubble.

Into the heart centered energy that can match my frequencies of love. The authentic, pure vibe of a soul that is whole, complete, and well. The energy of equal exchange, the vibrant light of the higher soul.

Coming together through transmutation and transformation. Shedding my old skin for newness. Getting on the ride of life and letting my hands fly free.

Coming together through my strength, radiance, and shimmer, mixing together, to uniquely sparkle. Becoming one with Source light, I’ve found my way home.

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My Secret is Silence

The waves of mind
demand so much of Silence.
But She does not talk back
does not give answers nor arguments.
She is the hidden author of every thought
every feeling
every moment.


She speaks only one word.
And that word is this very existence.

No name you give Her
touches Her
captures Her.
No understanding
can embrace Her.

Mind throws itself at Silence
demanding to be let in.
But no mind can enter into
Her radiant darkness
Her pure and smiling

The mind hurls itself
into sacred questions.
But Silence remains
unmoved by the tantrums.
She asks only for nothing.


But you won’t give it to Her
because it is the last coin
in your pocket.
And you would rather
give her your demands than
your sacred and empty hands.

~ Adyashanti