Aries Season brings an Aries Stellium New Moon

New Moon Intention Oracle Cards
by Sage Goddess

We have a record of 5 planets in Aries: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Chiron are all in the first sign on the zodiac.

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Zorascope: New Moon, New Beginnings

The magic 🔮 of new beginnings fills the atmosphere. Focus, create and concentrate on a soul path. Follow the yellow brick road to galactic realms, where magic is manifested instantly. And love exists unconditionally. Channel this galactic wavelength into all sentient life and integrate it into Earth’s crystalline core. Ground, light up, transform. All of the cells in existence carry consciousness. Fill the void with positive vibrations. Begin, anew.

Enjoy this stunning Aries Stellium New Moon. It comes as American society is opening back up, waking up. The opportunity here is for connecting with one another to establish new change.

The truth about the darkness and the shadows they cast is being made visible to lightwarriors beginning to see another way.

Inclusion, unity: divisiveness, war.

Some scream “Anarchy!” while others live in a past tied to slavery, greed and land. Some visualize and hold space for heaven on Earth, then protest for justice, while holding on to a bold future vision.

New Moon Intentions: heal the shadows, be with kindreds and manifest a wealth of love.

Advice for today

Advice: don’t randomly scratch your back, especially if you’re prone to skin tags. If you do, especially in the early morning while half asleep, you might wind up scratching off a skin tag. If this happens, the bleeding won’t stop for 3 hours even with direct pressure. Then you’ll have to go to ER because there are no appointments for the day, even in minor injury. Then they’ll glue it together, bandage you and tell you not to shower or get it wet for 3 days. It’s just not worth scratching anymore. If you have an itchy spot, pat, don’t scratch.

PS- Don’t like the direction of this blog lately but then again, we’ve been in lockdown for over a year and well, life is just a bloody mess.