Creation Space Meditation Kit

Creation Space Meditation Kit: Get it Here I do this meditation to get balanced, centered and in gratitude. It’s a beautiful 10 or 20 minute meditation that helps me clear, ground and focus before creating. Meditation is such a beautiful practice. It is worth it to become invested in you practice and gather a few […]

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Quit Smoking: The Reasons Why

  To be a healthy role model to my daughter To save money To smell good all the time To breathe better/For my health For freedom from bondage of the addiction to nicotine To free my time that is spent smoking To develop healthy coping skills and utilize them day by day To take life […]

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Christ Consciousness

Just stare at these images or any other that feels right to you, call upon Christ into your heart and mind’s eye and then feel your awareness and consciousness of/for/about Christ expand. Imagine Source golden-white light pouring into every cell of your being and throughout the atmosphere around you. Picture a shield of pink surrounding […]

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TRUST GOD God works in mysterious ways. Like when I cry in my heart the deepest prayer, He answers. And then I am left in awe and amazement, wondering what to say to my Creator. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I praise our connection. I praise our force for miracles, magic and mindfulness in this […]