Holy Heavenly Spirit~

The peace that passes understanding comes from you and lives in me. Comfort my sadness today and make me a new heart that is clean and pure. Fill my vessel with your holy spirit and anoint my mind with your loving presence. Show me your will and align me with it through grace, ease, and your miraculous mercy.


Divine Source of All Creation~

You lead me to still waters and encourage me to drink them. You ground my soul and nourish it. You are within me and I am made in your divine image. Though I fail and fall short, the life in me that is you picks me up and carries me ever onward. Today I will listen and lean toward you. I will trust your wisdom and follow your direction.


Enlightened Master~

Master of Enlightenment in your brilliance and grace, teach me of the all-knowingness you possess and bless my meditation practice with the stirring remembrance of you. Open my chakras to the ever-present now and in that presence bless each vortex with your love. As I surrender my will to you, I know I am guided, guarded, and blessed by your protective bubble of love.


Heavenly Father~

Stir in me your sacred holiness and open my heart to your brilliant mercy. Remind me of heaven’s ways that shine in the darkness and ignite your flame in my soul so that I may be a reflection of you. Grant me the peace of heaven as I journey on Earth. Let the memory of heaven carry me back to the place I know as home when my final day here is done.

And so it is.

The Most Holy…

Walk with me, my Savior. Teach me your way, truth, and light. Show me the world through the eyes of your love. Walk with me and hold my burdens, free me of sin, and comfort my soul. Stand beside me through life and gift to me your unconditional, eternal love.


My Beloved…

Today I will walk with you as my guardian and guide. I will not fear nor be anxious. I will trust in you and find peace with you.

Today as I embark on my tasks I will let you lead the way. I will listen to the small, still, voice within me and take solace in it.

Today is the only day there is. I eagerly progress through my day with you. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for the love.


Oh Jesus, my Savior,

I am suffering and in pain. Will you hold me closer? I am alone and frightened. Can you sit beside me and be my friend? I am fragile and broken. Can you heal me and make me whole?

My child, I can and will do all you ask of me. I love you so much. I will never leave nor forsake you. When you are at your darkest I draw ever closer still. Listen for my voice. I am there in the wind and your breath.