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The coming of…

My intentions evolve under this waxing moon as we approach Halloween and All Saint’s Day Festivities. My seed words are: independence, infusion, inspection, and inspiration. What are your seed words and how are they designed to help you move forward?

Independence: I wish to feel more free to be the me I am destined to be and become.

Infusion: I want to infuse my body with love and kindness. I wish to be whole and healthy and feel complete always, not just when the season’s nice.

Inspection: I wish to inspect my life and stear clear of harmful interactions.

Inspiration: I wish to be Divinely inspired at home and at work and in life, always. I want to know what is to be living a constant walk with the Creator, in constant prayer for the greater good.

Blessings this Moon Before the Dark!

Angels, God and Faith New and Full Moon

Waning New

YouTube – Elijah Prophet – Mother Nature (King of Kings)

As Japan’s typhoon reminents blow with a strong front onto the Bay Area and across California tonight and all day tomorrow, we will see a strong early storm; a storm we haven’t seen this early in the season in 46 years. I take this time, this quiet before the storm, to honor Mother Nature, and her power. I vow to do my part to protect and nourish her back to health. I vow to listen to her teachings and to learn from her. As the seasons grow stronger in temperature, I feel myself growing stronger in force to merge with her, grow with her, and help her rise.

Angels, God and Faith New and Full Moon Spirituality and Flow

The Full Blood Moon

Picture by Seawitch Artist

Fibroids are no joke and when I got “diagnosed” with them two years ago, I didn’t know they wouldn’t be gone until after menopause. I’m in my early thirties and my Mom didn’t go through menopause until her early fifties. 20 year situation. The good news for now is that the bleeding is being controlled with Depo Privera injections every three months. It’s a time thing. That will only work for one to three years. Then, it’s ablasion and hopefully that works for awhile. Then possibly back to Depo. Basically, my cycle is going to be whacked for 20 years until I stop bleeding. Unless I find an alternative and heal from within in a different, non-Western way. It’s a classic case of “healer, heal thyself”. I’m looking at various hormonal supplements and vitamin regimes that may help. They are costly though and I’m having to save to get there. I’m also moving more with yoga and “looking” at the fibroids in meditation. Why are you there? What are you here to teach me? I open to allow the lessons and learning to come and with it the answers to self healing…..