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Haiti Hold On

More help is coming…

New and Full Moon

Let the Full Wolf Moon Howling Begin

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We seek the one who is coming…shining soo…like none before…

Miscellaneous Poetry

Ode to the Battle Hymn

My mind has been with cosmic consciousness, with His.
No more time to play with Catcher in the Rye today;
The hunger on this planet, the wars in this world,
His truth will be made known and you will heed it.
Glory to His plan as I feed it! Glory, glory!
Glory to His plan, I’m a believer.

The towers fell and my nation did too that day.
We all lost something along the way;
Friends, loved ones, dreams and innocence.
He is calling us home, can you hear Him?
Glory, glory to his name, he is my savior.
Glory, glory to his heart, he does love us.
I feel my maker bridging the gap between us
And it feels like things are changing.

Glory, glory, can you do something more
To make your world a better place?
Then do it now says the voice of the Lord
And heaven will be on its way.
Standing in the light with the truth shining bright
Feeling the lightening of his ever present grace
I believe the final days will make us all believe
That His truth and love are what we only needed.

Believe in yourself and believe in plant Earth
Cosmic consciousness and togetherness, for all its worth,
Feel the dawning of the New Age Covenant
2012 and quantum leaps are soon to be the newest thing.
But recall His glory and remember it never fails,
The glory of the coming of His glory
I have felt!

New and Full Moon The 4 Seasons

Annular Solar Eclipse 2010

Angels, God and Faith New and Full Moon The 4 Seasons

New Moon

This New Moon may Haitians everywhere have peace, lasting peace in their homeland. May all suffering nations be freed into peace, their true state of being and may the abundance of the world fall into the grace of the Lord and shed its lasting miracle of sustainable peace into the world. Blessed be. And so it is. Amen.

Angels, God and Faith