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Time Traveling Notes: 2010 and Beyond

Day One, 2010
Let me start by telling you I work for the government and it is a classified position. All I know is I’m going to have to start wearing a back brace with all these keys and badges they’ve got me wearing in the near future. I unwillingly got enlisted in the military in 1998 when I had an acute psychotic break and ended up on a time machine to save my life. Unfortunately, it was an alien time machine with no humanoids on it. They had to ditch me off when I returned the first time. It was in a field of mountains of a major interstate in Northern California. When the emergency crews got there, they 51/50 me because I was saying all this weird stuff upon return: “The aliens were getting me! I was on a spaceship.” Hey, I went from the year 2015 back to 1998 and that was a mind fuck. We were in World War in 2015 and in 1998 I was busy trying to find romance.
Let’s just say the two brains were and are totally different. Anyway, after a few days when I calmed down, I explained what had happened and told the leading psychiatrist at the hospital about the time machine that had saved my life. He immediately enlisted me into a top secret military campaign and said I had to fly back again. I didn’t know how, it showed up to help me. He gave me his card and said he’d be in touch.
By 2012, time machines are common sights and people are actually beginning to accept time travel as reality. I’ve been on several time machine adventures, some with friends and colleagues, and some solo.
In the future, time moves quicker and our mental consciousness can expand through telepathic and empathic means, as well as through visible body language. There are some great leaps in the world of physics, mathematics, literature, music and the arts. As we expand our thinking, the universe expands, as well. The need for continued sustenance and survival is dependent upon thinking in universal and galactic terms. However, healing our luminous energy field and attracting our greatest destiny, the work of the shaman, is the mission I soon discover I’m on. You see, when time machines get discovered, time stops for quite some time. Many people are stuck there. I end up a traveler on a mission to reset time in motion on that fateful day in 2012.
After the first mission, in 2020, I went on a solo mission again to Montana, on a vision quest with a native mystic. I made it there, but on my way, became very ill and suffered through many storms and symptoms. At a campground, an enormous bug of some sort was my companion one rainy night and we traveled together for awhile. I called that psychiatrist guy when I got back to 2010. He made notes, it sounded like, and told me to follow up should “anything else happen”. I fixed my childbirth issues then and my parent issues. It was good work. I also started to release my past issues with death and to really begin looking at death and dying, not as an end but as a fulfillment of a destiny and a new beginning. 2020 and 2012 are tied somehow. It’s my job to figure out how.
Just know that there are “time travelers” and “time machines” and some people travel, we call it “T-travel” beginning in the year 2012, A.D. These are my notes on the year it became famous: 2010 and my top secret assignment and my quest to save the world that ended up rather badly.

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