Spring in My Heart, Winter’s Death

The long, drowning Winter seemed to get us all this year. It either got us with its waves of storm or before, in the rattling of the Earth. Not that all of us minded the Earth shifting from its axis this Winter, some of us were oblivious, and others of us had panic attacks for weeks. What startled and amazed me the most was the generosity so many found this season while suffering so much more than we had in years. Others far away crumbled, and we gave. We gave until it hurt or, until it actually felt somewhat human again.
All I know is that when the daffodils popped their little heads this year, I cried. When the vegetable garden gave us a couple of carrots and some sweet peas, I relished in them for weeks. As the roses come in, their greenery and thorns enchant me. The birds chirp louder this year for some reason, even though there seems fewer of them. I hear the hoot of the doves and I marvel at their steady and even tones. The grass blankets me in its hues of green.
The sun is shining brighter and the days are finally getting longer! It feels like progress is possible and that something fresh is about to begin. The feeling of anticipation overtakes me and my heart cries out for Spring!
I miss my barefeet in the Summer and swimming in the pool. This Winter season has proven to be especially trying, challenging and difficult for me personally. The lessons have been deep, powerful and core issues. I’m ready for big change. I’m ready for the big dream to manifest. I’m ready for heaven on Earth.
For everything under heaven, there is a season. I just wish the season of peace was upon us now. It seems like it’s taking forever to get here and even longer to find its way home, to fruition forever, where it belongs. But, I feel Spring in my bones and see the butterflies in the skies and know that the season will come. I believe in the Spirit of Spring and the Angel of Transformation!


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