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Peony Purple

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Sesame Street

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Empathic Women

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The Science of Miracles

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My Pet Rock (aka Medicine Bowl)

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Prayer Ties

My daughter and I took two prayer ties each: hers are pink at the bottom of the tree and mine are green on the top branches. We each made one wish each per ribbon prayer tie as we tied them to the tree. She needed a little assistance tying hers but was quite capable making a long speech during her wishes, which she whispered to herself. I said mine in my head.
We smiled to each other and I said, “Okay, babes, they’re in the Universe now for them to be created!”
She jumped up and down and said, “Yippee!”
I took a couple of shots and this was one of them.

Miscellaneous Poetry Spirituality and Flow

Earth Blessing

as the mind quiets
when focus is on breath
inner knowing rises
feelings become visions
passing by
creating until still
sending love
into your roots
center into core
healing throughout
abundance within
and in and through
earth, how I love thee
earth, how I thank thee
earth, how I honor thee
how I am one with thee

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The Planet Needs U, Seriously

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"How’s the Pin and Duck Flower Box?"

Blossoming beautifully and growing, stretching beyond itself into newness everyday.

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Planting Season

with all man’s tools and ingenuity
it is the sun and moon that dictate
our crops and our cycles
we take the steps small
one before the other
some ahead, while others
lead us back aways, it seems.
but always these steps
are in tune with the magic
of seasons and timing.
expecting our good
and predictablity to last
for generations to come.
doing our part to heed,
listen and take action
in accordance to Thy will
with these tools and ingenuity
can limit one and so,
we look to Thee.

Miscellaneous Spirituality and Flow


seeing u from afar
with your silver lining
the ebb of a dream
my personal space
aching for freedom
this new home
in it do I dwell
day and night
praising and thanking
the Divine for it
cherishing the sacred
an American Dream
in a key