Message from AA Michael…

Believe and trust in a benevolent Universe and a just God. 2011 will take us into a time of transition and change as what has been lost begins to be rebuild and restored by a change in power from the old and weary, to the younger and indigo. As this process of transition occurs, between 2011 and 2013, we will have a time of great shift in energies in which we view world order and values. The old will seem outdated and the new will appear as practical and thoughtful. Indigos have been building communities and taking stock on the world and it is now time for them to rise both collectively and individually to assume positions of power in many realms of society. The light is coming in, the light is coming on. As many baby-boomers of old begin and continue to retire, a new generation will begin to take leading positions and many changes in how things are done will occur. New strategies and greater commitment will come. Believe and trust that your planet is ascending, and so are you! Follow your life’s purpose and follow the direction and guidance of your angels…


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