Blessings Be to the Happy Butterfly Ministry

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I offer my deepest gratitude for the blessings and abundance of the Universe. I AM love, peace, happiness and joy. Today is the day that the Lord has made. I shall rejoice and be glad in it. I AM that I AM. Be still, and know the peace of God. Listen to your Higher Self, your Inner Wisdom, that still, small voice within and have a conversation with your Highest Good in mind. What changes would you make if you were living the best year or, best day of your life? What is God calling you to do today to be of service to Him? How can you be love in action to the best of your ability today? Are you living your God-given vision of health and vitality and is your purpose the driving force of your life? Listen, my child, listen. Take heed to your Inner Wisdom and follow the whisperings of your Spirit, for they are the carried on the wings of angels and are the priceless jewels of the world, the manna of life. Your Inner Wisdom is the record keeper of this life and past lives and holds connection to the Infinite Intelligence of the Cosmos. Your Inner Wisdom, that still small voice within, directing your path, that I AM, which is God, exists and there are laws and principles to be studied and known about this Intelligence. It is mysterious, this God. It does not play favorites. It attracts like to like. That which you affirm, you will receive because the Universe supports your vision, no matter what it is. I AM love and Jesus came to teach us about love, his only begotten Son. He was crucified and rose on the third day to testify of his overcoming all evil, including death. Jesus broke the barrier of duality thinking. He rose the consciousness of humanity to the possibility of such a thing as “heaven on Earth”. It took God sending his only begotten Son to do this: create the possibility of “heaven on Earth”. This is because of the foundational story of Adam and Eve in the garden and the creation of evil, or duality thinking. What will it take to actually create heaven on Earth? Perhaps God will send his only begotten Daughter or Wife, and soon.


One thought on “Blessings Be to the Happy Butterfly Ministry

  1. I love the post 🙂
    For my two-cents, haha, in answering the last question.. be who you are with sooo much love that you just shine baby! Yay! Lovely post ~ Many Blessings ~ Rachel

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