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Angels, God and Faith

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In order for you to know that you are Spirit you had to go beyond thinking of yourself as just a human being, as just a physical body. Now take the next step and go beyond believing that there is any separation between the you that is in the world and the you that I AM. They are one and the same. Until you see that your personality is how the impersonal I AM appears in the world you have not gone beyond limitation. Trust that you represent the divne “I AM” in action and in form as well as in Spirit. Fully experience the infinity of yourself as being all that God is. You are.

-Walter Starcke from Daily Voice


Sunday, June 26, 2011
Through the power of my Christ nature, I awaken to a new life.

Every time I pray–every time I have a realization of the Christ power within me–I awaken to my spiritual nature. As I let the light of Christ shine within my consciousness, I release old ways of living, and open to a new life, a new way of being.

Early Christians told the story of Lazarus, who appeared to be dead to everyone except Jesus, who called him from the tomb. My Christ nature can transcend any appearance or condition and allow me to awaken into a new life of oneness and wholeness, of harmony and abundance, of understanding and peace.

By turning to the Christ presence within me, I awaken my spirit. I hear my Christ nature calling me, and I awaken to a new life.
Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going there to awaken him.–John 11:11


“For it it not ye that speak, but the spirit of God which speaketh in you.” Matt 10:20

The Spirit of God Speaks through Me

The Infinite Mind of God is continuously creating the innumerable forms and expressions that constitute my world. Standing at the center of the beautiful experience of life, I know I am a creator with the omniscient, omnipresent Power.

Today, I use Divine Power to call forth the good I desire. As I undertake my daily tasks, the Spirit of God speaks through me. Healing words of love, encouragement, and appreciation comfort of every ear, even as they impress the Law of Mind to bear fruit after their own kind. I stand guard over my words and the thoughts and feelings they express. Should the idea of strife be brought to my attention, I instantly breathe a prayer of harmony and watch with gratitude as the storms of my human experience obey my command. When others speak, I listen with reverence, knowing theirs, too, is the voice of God. My every encounter and exchange contains messages of love and hope that enrich my world.

Grateful the Spirit of God speaks through me, I now let it be so. And so it is.

Angels, God and Faith


New and Full Moon The 4 Seasons

Summer Solstice Medicine Wheel

Last night, under the light of the still, almost Full Moon, in the smothering heat, I scurried around the backyard with the wheelbarrow gathering pieces of  bricks. I had a map of the medicine wheel that called for 40 bricks to make a complete wheel. I gathered around 30 and decided to alter the map and make a variation of the plan with my own backyard medicine wheel in mind. Here you see seven small bricks centered around the eighth center stone. This is the center of the wheel. I then placed bricks in the four corners of the backyard: North, East, South and West, at the edge and as far as they would go in those directions from the center piece of the wheel. As I completed the wheel and stood before it, in the place where the power stones should go, a gust of warm wind began and remained for quite awhile.

This morning my father gave me the news that his aunt, my grandmother’s sister, crossed over. On this Summer Solstice, I am celebrating her life, my grandmother and grandfather’s lives and my Sunday’s spent over there as a child. I remember feeding my aunt’s horses on those hot Summer days and running through their hay stacks, sometimes sitting on the barrels with my siblings under the penetrating sun awaiting our lunch grandma was cooking up. I loved sitting under the willow tree in grandpa’s garden and watching grandpa and my dad work together on planting, watering and weeding for the fresh vegetables we would get to taste with lunch. Those were days of enchantment, fairies and wonderland merriment.

Today, this medicine wheel takes on new meaning. It is rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation and a celebration of life. It represents the change of seasons but also, a change of life, a change of time and a change of space. I look back with fondness at my yesterdays and now, for the first time in a long time, I look forward to the future with great expectancy and excitement. I can feel my ancestors in heaven supporting me on my path and making clear my way. I sense and feel their presence. There was a reason I was drawn to make this medicine wheel last night and my Aunt Novella had a lot to do with it. I thank you, Novella. I thank you Grandma and Grandpa. I thank you, Dad. I thank you, Summer Solstice and I thank you Full Moon. I bless this medicine wheel and will place three power stones there: one for Novella, one for Grandma and one for Grandpa. These stones will charge them with Divine Light and Love for their new life together, in heaven.

Children and Family

Play time!!!

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Happy Butterfly Lightworkers Community

Happy Butterfly Ministry Clan and Altar

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Last night, I pulled several cards from the Spirit of the Wheel deck and the first card that came jumping out was, not surprisingly, the Butterfly Clan! The white lily across from me giggled. I sighed from relief. The houseplant given to me by my boyfriend, whispered in my ear, “It’s time to bless your Guardian Angels who have been assisting you all on this Divine Assignment.”

“Of course it is!” I remembered.

We went to the local candle shop and bought a Novena Guardian Angel candle and lite it on our altar, dedicating it to all the HBM guardian angel’s immediately. I took some shots as the night progressed. I think the altar and the blessing will bring us closer to our angels as we begin to sketch them and write about them.

“Thank you, Guardian Angels, for being with us and assisting us during this creative endeavors, now and always. We love you so much and appreciate you more than you know.”

The beautiful fountain I purchased last week. I had seen it a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t stop dreaming about it. I also kept thinking about it (daydreaming about it) during the next several weeks after I saw it. I knew it was a purchase I had to make. I saw it for $30 at CVS Pharmacy and thought it was too pricy to have. But, since my guidance kept telling me to go ahead and get it, I did. It lights up and drips every so gracefully and gently. I love it. It adds a depth of serenity and peacefulness in my life well worth $30. It it my new center and focal point of grounded thought and protection. It serves to remind me to stay in the flow and to just let things gently fall into place through the rough terrain. It’s been a great visual symbol and light in my life and so, I share it here.

Many blessings to the HBM and to all contributing to the Summer, 2011 edition of the newsletter. I’ve started an account with Constant Contact was a way to keep in touch about the newsletter and to gather everyone’s email who is interested. Please sign up either at Jackie’s site or at my sites: AA Raphael: or, Californiamoonfairy:

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Thanks and let’s get to writing, photographing and editing!!! I look forward to creating something spectacular with you all. It’s going to be amazing and it’s going to inform and inspire countless others so, thank you for giving!

We appreciate YOU!!!

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