Happy Butterfly Ministry Clan and Altar

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Last night, I pulled several cards from the Spirit of the Wheel deck and the first card that came jumping out was, not surprisingly, the Butterfly Clan! The white lily across from me giggled. I sighed from relief. The houseplant given to me by my boyfriend, whispered in my ear, “It’s time to bless your Guardian Angels who have been assisting you all on this Divine Assignment.”

“Of course it is!” I remembered.

We went to the local candle shop and bought a Novena Guardian Angel candle and lite it on our altar, dedicating it to all the HBM guardian angel’s immediately. I took some shots as the night progressed. I think the altar and the blessing will bring us closer to our angels as we begin to sketch them and write about them.

“Thank you, Guardian Angels, for being with us and assisting us during this creative endeavors, now and always. We love you so much and appreciate you more than you know.”

The beautiful fountain I purchased last week. I had seen it a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t stop dreaming about it. I also kept thinking about it (daydreaming about it) during the next several weeks after I saw it. I knew it was a purchase I had to make. I saw it for $30 at CVS Pharmacy and thought it was too pricy to have. But, since my guidance kept telling me to go ahead and get it, I did. It lights up and drips every so gracefully and gently. I love it. It adds a depth of serenity and peacefulness in my life well worth $30. It it my new center and focal point of grounded thought and protection. It serves to remind me to stay in the flow and to just let things gently fall into place through the rough terrain. It’s been a great visual symbol and light in my life and so, I share it here.

Many blessings to the HBM and to all contributing to the Summer, 2011 edition of the newsletter. I’ve started an account with Constant Contact was a way to keep in touch about the newsletter and to gather everyone’s email who is interested. Please sign up either at Jackie’s site or at my sites: AA Raphael: http://www.archangelraphael.webs.com or, Californiamoonfairy: http://www.californiamoonfairy.moonfruit.com

I plan to email a link to the newsletter via this service on the publication date, so be sure and sign up through one of these newsletter sign-up links!

Thanks and let’s get to writing, photographing and editing!!! I look forward to creating something spectacular with you all. It’s going to be amazing and it’s going to inform and inspire countless others so, thank you for giving!

We appreciate YOU!!!


One thought on “Happy Butterfly Ministry Clan and Altar

  1. This is really beautiful and I am going to have to check out the CVS’s around my area for that water fountain because I have been looking for an indoor one and that would be perfect to put in the bedroom and I love how you can put crystals and such on it. I like this site, it looks so clean and refined. Very nice!

    Hearts and Rainbows!

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