Angels, God and Faith Poetry

Connecting With God

There is a daily-ness to our walk with Christ. We have the conscious choice to align with Christ Consciousness. It doesn’t happen automatically. Each morning, we have the choice and opportunity to bring our lives under his Lordship, or not. It’s important to consecrate our entire being to Christ- our body (Romans 12:1), our soul (Luke 10:27) and our spirit (1 Cor 6:17). As we begin this daily practice, our connection with God improves. He wants us to devote our lives to Him and connect with Him daily. Practice this simple prayer for seven days and see how it improves your life:

Dear God,
Good Morning! I love you! Thank you for another day to serve you. May I do your will always. Guide me this day. Grant that I may be a blessing and be blessed today. I am blessed going in and, I am blessed going out wherever I go and, in whatever I do today, for the Lord, my God, is with me.
In Jesus’ Name,

Angels, God and Faith Miscellaneous

Letting Go Affirmation Statements

I am worry free.

I release all fears of not being perfect. I am good enough. I am perfect in my own way.

I let go of all expectations. I am free to live the life I’ve dreamed.

I let go of the need to control others. I allow others to make their own way.

Possessions do not feed my spirit. I am liberated from the desire to hoard things.

I give things away freely.

I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my spiritual growth.

I leave go of past relationships with love and clear my spirit of chains to the past to make way for new love to enter my life.

I hold on to the positive memories from past relationships and leave go of the dark memories with love.

I release! I let go! I coast along with my hands off the controls.

I breathe freely without constraints. My energy flows without care alongside the wayward winds.

The past is gone, the future uncertain. Today is now and I face it head on.

I let go of my regrets. I am grateful for lessons my past missteps taught me.

I release my chaotic monkey mind. My mind is clear of distractions. I am focused.

Affirmations & Meditations

The Vow of Emotional Independence by Debbie Ford

The Vow of Emotional Independence

I, ______ ________, will no longer be bound

by the slavery of my past.

I will never again give my power away to

some food, substance or disempowering craving.

I will stop allowing others to define who I am

and I will stand for my highest expression.

I will stop trying to please others

and instead please myself.

I will stop listening to the voice of my critical internal

mother and father and I will listen to the voice of

my most supportive and loving self.

I will break free from the strangulating grip of my

self-defeating behaviors and choose powerfully

each and every moment to make choices

that leave me feeling great about myself and my life.

I take this vow NOW as a positive stand

for my soul’s highest expression and for every man,

woman, and child on this planet today.

As I set myself free, I am freeing all others

from the violence of my darkest thoughts and

my negative projections.

And now, as I close my eyes, I ask all the powers that be

to support me in living this vow each and every moment

of each and every day.

And so it is.