Letting Go

I release all negative thinking. I release all negative emotions. I release all negative desires. I rebuke all negative thoughts, emotions and desires, too. They are not welcome in my space. I ask AA Michael to shield me from them by cutting any and all chords to them and replacing them with chords of Light. It is done and finished. I have released the need for negativity in my life. No more drama, no more chaos, no more blame, no more shame. I am free to live my life of heaven on Earth, in each present moment, choosing to be in love at all times. AA Michael, Jophiel, Metatron, Ariel, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel work with me daily to cleanse my aura and chakras back to perfect health, balance and beaming Light. Even when I forget, they are behind the scenes, working to instill the Light within me and my loved ones. I trust in God and know that He is leading me to my all good, now. As I make and take small steps toward greater Light in my life, the universe supports me each step of the way. As I let go of the dark, it makes room for more Light to enter. I surrender and trust the process. Today begins a new day of releasing that which no longer serves a purpose or a point in your life so that what does can have room to come in. A life review stimulates the beginning of a long journey and a fabulous project for many.


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