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Friends and Lovers

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This Valentine’s Day brought a great surprise to my life and an added piece of jewelry! My fiancee slipped this 100 inch pearl necklace into my hands as we were grocery shopping. Talk about surprised! He always catches me at the oddest of moments, when I least expect it (like when we’re grocery shopping)! There we are, in the middle of the grocery store, having a moment of heavenly bliss! It was amazing. We were in the fruit and vegetable department. I could feel my amazement and our love spreading through the store and into the fresh produce. They have scientifically proven that yogurt responds to human emotions, so I just know those fruits and vegetables got a LOVE BLAST that day! The whole store did. I was on cloud one hundred and nine. We floated through the rest of grocery shopping and I haven’t stopped loving on him since. We live on limited income but he found a way to put away a little bit each month to save for a great present. This wasn’t just our Valentine’s Day, it was our first anniversary.

As I look back on our first year together, I see that, as in any relationship, we have had our ups and downs. We’ve definitely had more ups than downs, though. We compromise, keep each other laughing and most importantly, we are friends. We can sit for hours talking and doing nothing. I think that says a lot. I feel so relaxed around him and he loves me so gently, so sweetly.

I love his patience with me. I can be very impatient and he is just the opposite. I’m so airy and fiery and he’s so relaxed and peaceful. We strike a great balance together. We compliment each other. Where he is out of whack, I fix him and where I go nuts, he reminds me of sanity. It’s teamwork and time, work but fun work. It’s joy and laughter, pain, tears and hugs: all in one big jumble of this thing we call life and I’m so glad to be sharing it with him everyday. He makes it all worthwhile and meaningful in whole new and miraculous way: that romantic love kinda way. Baby, this one’s for you!

I love you more today than I did yesterday and I’ll love you more tomorrow than I do today! That’s the beauty of love, it grows like wildfire and blossoms like a Spring rose. I love life with you and I love watching us grow. Thank you and I appreciate you and all you do for us.

This anniversary month I celebrate love, our love and all love…

May all sentient beings experience love within themselves and with another.

And So It Is.