more from Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant


I say yes to transformation.
I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.
I say yes to God.
I say yes to peace.
I say yes to love.
I say yes to health.
I say yes to passion.
I say yes to joy.
I am available for a great change in my life.
I am willing to continue
to grow.
I choose growth now.
I accept my magnificence
and my majesty.
I choose it now.



  • Process that results in deep, lasting and sustainable change on all levels of being.
  • Opportunity to experience self and be experience in the present moment.
  • Process and opportunity to override past programming.
  • Opportunity to bring hidden beliefs and weaknesses to the surface of consciousness.
  • Source of resistance.


Profound inner peace does not come from fixing yourself. It is the result of making lasting changes at the core of the being. It is the result of discovering that you are already whole. It is the realization of the true self. Being human means so much more than you have ever imagined. It is a divine and wonderful exper- ience to realize that you already have everything you need inside. It is a relief to discover that you are not flawed. This truth, when discovered, becomes a powerful flame that consumes all that is not real. What remains is inner stillness, the wellspring of joy. This process of discovery is one of the many outgrowths of personal transformation. 



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