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World Peace: NAMASTE

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I Have So Much Gratitude!

Thank you…

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The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards – June 24th, 2012

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards – June 24th, 2012.

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The River Queen

The River Queen flows into your life as an Ally to remind you about the concept of allowing and the Law of Nonattachment. Remember that all rivers come from the mountains and run to the sea to be absorbed by the larger body of water. There the liquid evaporates into clouds that rain on the mountains to continue an endless cycle of fluidity.

The River Queen requires you to be fluid and to let go of rigidity and perfectionism. You will travel far as long as you let go and let flow, even maneuvering around the greatest blockages like water streams around big boulders. No obstacle can hold you back now if you’re willing to surrender to the natural flow of events. Be easy on yourself and others, and watch how smoothly you move forward. You may be surprised where the river takes you.


SOURCE: Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

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AA Michael is With You

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Healer Guides: Trust Your Vibes: Sonia Choquette

I always trust my vibes…

Commit to 15 minutes of silence everyday. Connect with Source and sit in the silence and breathe. All is well. Life is well. Surrender and have faith in life. Smile. 🙂

Thank you, Jesus. You travel at the speed of Light. You are my peace and my healer!

Open your heart, again. Connect with Nature Guides.

St. Francis trying to help you see the power of the present moment.

I always trust my vibes…

Remember your beautiful spirit: God made it!






Oracle Card Readings

Then, listen


Angels, God and Faith Oracle Card Readings

Angel Therapy Archangels

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AA Ariel: lion or lioness of God

The AA of Earth, environmental concerns, the planet. Very close to the fairies.


AA Azrael: whom God helps

The angel of death and change and transition. Also, helps with ministries and spiritual teachers.


AA Chamuel: he who sees God

Helps find lost things in our lives and heal misunderstandings. An angel of peace restoration.


AA Gabriel: God is my strength

Messenger angel that helps with communications. Also helps with child conception/early childhood.


AA Haniel: grace of God

Call on her to add more grace and its effects to your life or to bestow grace around you or a certain project or event.


AA Jeremiel: mercy of God

Helps us stay on spiritual path, forgiveness issues, emotional healing.


AA Jophiel: beauty of God

Patron angel of artists. Helps us see and maintain beauty in life. “Feng Shui” angel.


AA Metatron: angel of the Presence

Help with children (crystal/indigo especially).


AA Michael: he who is as God

releases fear and its effects. Fix mechanical/electrical things. Life purpose and courage.


AA Raguel: friend of God

Relationship harmony and Justice.


AA Raphael: God heals

The healing angel.  Safe travel. Abundance.


AA Raziel: secret of God

Understanding esoteric material.


AA Sandalphon: brother

Music and answered prayers. Clearing away fear.


AA Uriel: God is light

Light on the dark and illuminates problem solving abilities.


AA Zadkiel: righteousness of God

Good memory. Helper of students.