from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

by Colette Baron-Reid

The WIND Faery: thoughts, words, intellectual analysis

The Wind Faery whispers that the powers of thoughts manifests the unseen into the physical. Take time to observe your predominant thoughts. Are they positive? Do they reflect empowering concepts? Or are they negative and disempowering? When you tune in to how your mind is focused, you will surely see the relationships between your environment and the thoughts you’re thinking. To change the world of outer conditions, you must first change the way you think. The Wind Faery also reminds you of the power of intellect, as this is a good time to use the power of your analytical mind. Think before you act; this is not the time for impulsive action. A well-thought-out strategy will yield a positive result.

The EARTH Faery: physical health, grounding, foundations

The Earth Faery says to pay attention to your health and all things pertaining to your physical body. The Earth Faery reminds you to indulge your senses. It’s good to revel in the sensations of your body. The sensual world is an important part of the path to Avalon and must be honored. When the Earth Faery appears, she reminds you to get into your body and out of your head. Don’t spend so much time analyzing things over and over. Get your hands into some dirt, walk barefoot in grass, and remember that your physical self is the house of your spirit, as the Mother Earth houses you. Get grounded; remember that you’re a part of the living Earth. Stay connected. Another message from the Earth Faery is to make sure foundations of all you do are solid. Be aware that projects, relationships, business ideas, and families all need to be built on sturdy, steady foundations. The Earth Faery always helps when you ask!

The FIRE Faery: creative action, optimism

The Fire Faery sparks ideas into action. She rules the flame of creativity and encourages you to move quickly. She is also the voice of happy optimism, showing you signs, signals, and omens to support your dreams. The Fire Faery gives you hope and courage and ensures that your dreams will come true if you simply act on them. When the Fire Faery appears on your path, she gives you a gift- a magical sense of energy to help you complete any idea you have that serves the greater good. She signals positive outcomes for your efforts. The Fire Faery brings you another gift: illumination. When you’re in the dark about something, the Fire Faery lends you her light so that your path will be filled with illuminations. All things come to light quickly when the Fire Faery appears.

The WATER Faery: feelings and emotions

When the Water Faery swims up to you with her liquid magic, she reminds you that emotions and feelings may be running the show. She asks you to consider how you really feel about things, and why. She also reminds you that you are NOT your feelings; you are the one experiencing them. Remember that as the water flows, emotions change. The Water Faery also tells you that it’s time to lose your rigidity. Be fluid and willing at times to compromise, and allow change to happen. If you’re happy right now, enjoy, for the Water Faery swirls her love around you. If things are making you sad, she comes to wash away your tears. The Water Faery knows the power of emotions, so when she appears, be mindful of them and how they affects you. Remember, feels are the fuel for manifesting. Be certain that you want to create what you’re feeling. Allow your feelings to pass through and focus on the positive. The Water Faery longs to smile at you in reflection….


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