Reiki Principles

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I love how the Reiki Principles have been altered to affirm in the present tense. View the slideshow to see the various versions of the principles. I recite the principles a couple of times everyday to stay centered and positive. When I don’t, I definitely feel the “lack of” result and so, I recite them to stay in the flow. The Reiki energy requires that I do so to stay positive and at peace. Usui said that meditating on the principles in the morning and evening will help one to heal of illness and generate the Reiki energy. I’m also starting a Reiki Affirmation Journal, as suggested by my friend and mentor. It’s been a wonderful addition to my Reiki practice and has helped me to heal sleep, loneliness and anger issues already! To start, get a journal you LOVE. It should have pockets on the sides to hold index cards or oracle cards, if you’re a reader. Next, bless the journal by using sage on it and a prayer of protection and blessing over it. Then, state your intention for the journal. Let the Universe know this is your Reiki Journal and that you plan to heal yourself and others through it. Keep it in a sacred space (like your altar) and it’s best to keep it private. Finally, begin by writing a prayer. I wrote a prayer on the front cover blessing the journal and my work in it and got right into writing affirmations. Next to the affirmations I placed Reiki symbols in brightly colored Crayola markers. Choose colors that resonate with you and your guides. For example, if you call on the Violet Flame frequently, you might use purple. If you work closely with AA Michael, you would use blue. When you’re done for the day, thank your celestial team for their help, protection and guidance and place your journal in a sacred spot until you’re ready to use it again! Of course, adding the Reiki Principles in your journal as a “starter” if you’re not sure where to begin would be a wonderful beginning! They are powerful affirmations with tremendous magic. Don’t forget to add a Cho Ku Rei before you start! Blessed Be. NAMASTE.


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