Angelic Strangers

On a day in May I witnessed a stranger get hit by a car, head on. I stopped my car. He was bleeding from his head and ear and was knocked unconscious. I have been trained in First Aid and CPR as a certified teacher and immediately checked for a heartbeat and the airway. He was breathing and had a strong heartbeat. Next I checked for shock. He was in it. Since he may have a neck injury, I didn’t want to move him. My problem was, how do I control the bleeding? I had nothing to apply pressure with. I immediately took my shirt off and started applying pressure with my shirt. There I was, in my bra, administering first aid. I yelled for someone to call 911. Someone yelled they had. The driver who hit him was crying and frantic and she was making me frantic. I tried to remain calm. When the man who got hit came to, he immediately tried to stand up. I tried to get him to remain lying down. After all, he had  just been hit unconscious and shouldn’t move. I intuitively knew he had some back and neck injuries. But he insisted on trying to stand up, which he did. And then after our pleading, he sat back down, in my lap. And I continued to apply pressure to his head wound until emergency crews got there and took him to the hospital.

It would be months later that a knock would come on my door on a hot day in August. Low and behold it was this stranger that I had helped that day. He came to give me a hug (or three) and thank me for helping him that day. He said that incident had changed his life and that he was now in therapy because of it. He said he still had scars on his arms from it. I told him I remembered how he was bleeding from the head and ear and how I took my shirt off to stop the bleeding. We both laughed. He knew my name when he came to my door from reading the police report of the accident.

I still don’t know his name, I forgot to ask. I was so stunned he would take the time to come thank me. It is a beautiful world and from tragic things, magical things can happen. I think I just made a new friend in a stranger. I love him dearly even though I don’t even know his name.


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