Birdie Bird

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This beautiful bird, either a white dove or a pigeon, has adapted my parent’s backyard as its home as of late. It seems to be a very domesticated bird, as it will come very close to people. It eats seed off the back patio and will come up to your feet! It’s quite the friendly bird. My daughter has named her “Sunflower” because she especially likes to eat sunflower seeds from the bird food we feed her. She spends most of her day napping atop the metal roof of the patio and will fly down to the patio to get birdseed and then its back up to the patio roof for another nap! She’s been a wonderful addition to the family. She’s very tame, docile and serene. She’s a beautiful bird, as you can see from the pictures and seems to be in perfect health. If anyone knows what type of bird this is, let us know. Most of us are leaning toward pigeon. She’s the prettiest pigeon I’ve ever seen. Sunflower is very special considering my best friend just passed. She has been a sign that she transitioned okay and that everything is okay. I’m very grateful for this bird showing up in my life. She’s definitely heaven sent and a guardian for my family, especially for my daughter and I, as of late. Thanks for watching over us, Birdie Bird!!!


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