Be Of Good Heart

Remember to enter the silence when your need is great; so few of our earthly brothers seem able to do this. They have a great urge to something on the physical plane when in trouble; yet the most valuable thing you can do is to be still and seek God within. When in doubt, do nothing, be still.

Certain lessons can only be learnt in in the physical life. The elder brethren have only one hope and wish, and this is to help earthly brethren towards the great surrender to the beauty and love and glory of the Creator, the Great White Spirit. Although we are able to bring you help when you call for it, when it is asked for selflessly, it is no part of the work of the invisible Brotherhood to make your path too easy, nor to prevent you from learning valuable lessons, which, when learnt, enable you to enter into the full joy of accomplishment, and expansion of spiritual vision and consciousness.

So we say to you, be of good heart, be simple in faith, surrender all care and burdens to the spiritual love which watches over and directs the life of every child of the light. Do not be impatient or anxious. The light will bring into manifestation on earth all that is good for you in God’s sight.

Within the silence is the heart of truth. Be still…and you will know no fear. Be still…and you will know the radiance of health in your soul. Be still…and you will know the Power which has created you.

Now, rise in spirit to the mountain top and see the Sun on the horizon. As it gradually rises in the heavens you see it is reflected in the still waters of a lake, high in the mountains.

You worship the Great Spirit manifesting in that golden radiance, as you do so you traverse the path of light across the waters, right into the heart of the Sun temple, and kneel in silence before the Christ-being… You know eternal peace and at-one-ment.

Taken from The Still Voice: A White Eagle book of meditation by White Eagle




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