I am in God, God is in Me

The love, the light in heart is pure spirit, the seed of God; and human life must be guided by the spirit. You make your affairs so complicated with the little mind of earth. But goodness is so simple. Learn, my dear ones, to be guided by the spirit, which is the love within you.

The wise man allows nothing to disturb him. He cares neither for praise nor blame, nor does he grieve either for the living or for the dead. He knows that the divine law is just, perfect and true, and that the law must work out in every human life. So never grumble or be discontented with your lot. If you will train yourselves to accept your karma, realizing that you have much to gain from it, you will be able to live so much more happily.

The most powerful instrument for help is prayer, used with sincerity and humility. Pray for one single thing, which is God’s love; pray for an increase of God’s light, not only for yourself but in order that others may benefit and be blessed. Pray for God, pray for good, and resign all to God.

Now, relax mind and body and breathe quietly, slowly, deeply. As you breath in, try to imagine that you are breathing in light and life; that you are not only inhaling air, you are filling every particle of your being with God’s breath, with God’s love, with light. As this love fills your heart and your mind, every atom, every cell of your body will be filled with perfect life. Repeat the words: I am in God. God is in me.

from The Still Voice, A White Eagle book of meditation



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