Power Thoughts


 I have the perfect living space.- I see myself living in a wonderful place. It fulfills all my needs and desires. It’s in a beautiful location and at a price I can afford.


I am safe in the Universe, and All life loves and supports me.- I breathe in the fullness and richness of Life. I observe with joy as Life abundantly supports me and supplies me with more good than I can imagine.


I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations.- It is “my” mind that creates my experiences. I am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my Life.


My home is a peaceful haven.- I bless my home with love. I put love in every corner, and my home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort. I am at peace.


Life supports me.- Life created me to be fulfilled. I trust Life, and Life is always there at every turn. I am safe.


I now create a wonderful new job.- I am totally open and receptive to a wonderful new position, using my creative talents and abilities, working for and with people I love, in a wonderful location and earning good money.


My work is deeply fulfilling.- Today I give my best to that which I do, knowing that when on experience is complete, I am led to even more fulfilling and rewarding experiences.


I am willing to forgive.- Forgiveness of myself and others releases me from the past. Forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem. Forgiveness is a gift to myself. I forgive and I set myself free.


I deserve the best and I accept the best now.- I am mentally and emotionally equipped to enjoy a prosperous and loving life. It is my birthright to deserve all good. I claim my good.


There is no blame.- I release the need to blame anyone, including myself. We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have.


It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.- I am not limited by any past thinking. I choose my thoughts with care. I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at my world. I am willing to change and grow.


I listen with love to my body’s messages.- My body is always working toward optimum health. My body wants to be Whole and healthy. I cooperate and become healthy, whole, and complete.


The point of power is always in the present moment.- The past is over and done and has no power over me. I can begin to be free in this moment. Today’s thoughts create my future. I am in charge. I now take my own power back. I am safe and I am free.


I claim My own power, and I lovingly create My own reality.- I ask for more understanding so that I may knowingly and lovingly shape my world and my experiences.


I am willing to let go.- I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.


I am beautiful, and everybody loves me.- I radiate acceptance, and I am deeply loved by others. Love surrounds me and protects me.


I am willing to change.- I am willing to release old, negative beliefs. They are only thoughts that stand in my way. My new thoughts are positive and fulfilling.


I love my body.- I create peacefulness in my mind, and my body reflects this peacefulness as perfect health.


I let go of all expectations.- I flow freely and lovingly with Life. I love myself. I know that only good awaits me at every turn.


I can release the past and forgive everyone.- I free myself and everyone in my life from old past hurts. They are free and I am free to move into new, glorious experiences.


All my relationships are harmonious.- When we create harmony in our minds and hearts, we will find it in our lives. The inner creates the outer. Always.


Everything I touch is a success.- I now establish a new awareness of success. I can be as successful as I make up my mind to be. I move into the Winning Circle. Golden opportunities are everywhere for me. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.


I open new doors to life.- I rejoice in what I have, and I know that fresh new experiences are always ahead. I greet the new with open arms. I trust Life to be wonderful.


I am flexible and flowing.- I am open to the new and changing. Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am. I flow with Life easily and effortlessly.


I am at peace with my age.- Each age has its own special joys and experiences. I am always the perfect age for where I am in Life.


I forgive myself.- As I forgive myself, I leave behind all feelings of not being good enough, and I am free to love myself.


I am safe, it’s only change.- I cross all bridges with joy and ease. The “old” unfolds into wonderful new experiences. My life gets better all the time.


My future is glorious.- I now live in limitless love, light, and joy. All is well in my world.


I see my parents as tiny children who need love.- I have compassion for my parents’ childhoods. I now know that I chose them because they were perfect for what I had to learn. I forgive them and set them free and I set myself free.


My income is constantly increasing.- I begin now, today, to open myself to ever-increasing prosperity.


I experience love wherever I go.- Love is everywhere and I am loving and lovable. Loving people fill my Life, and I find myself easily expressing love to others.


I prosper wherever I turn.- I now see opportunities for abundance everywhere. I am blessed and prospered.


There is plenty for everyone, including me.- The ocean of life is lavish with its abundance. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask. My good comes from everywhere and everyone and everything.


Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself.- My heart is open. I allow my love to flow freely. I love myself. I love others and others love me.


I balance my masculine and feminine sides.- The masculine and feminine parts of me are in perfect balance and harmony. I am at peace, and all is well.


I am in the process of positive change.- I am unfolding in fulfilling ways. Only good can come to me. I now express health, happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.


I am totally adequate for all situations.- I am one with the power and wisdom of the Universe. I claim this power, and it is easy for me to stand up for myself.


I trust my inner wisdom.- As I go about my daily affairs, I listen to my own guidance. My intuition is always on my side. I trust it to be there at all times. I am safe.


Every thought I think is creating my future.- The Universe totally supports every thought I choose to think and believe. I have unlimited choices about what I think. I choose balance, harmony, and peace, and I express it in my life.


I turn every experience into an opportunity.- Each problem has a solution. All experiences are opportunities for me to learn and grow. I am safe.


I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.- Each moment of the day is special to me as I follow my higher instincts and listen to my heart. I am at peace with my world and affairs.


I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.- I now receive my good from expected and unexpected sources. I am an unlimited being, accepting from an unlimited source, in an unlimited way. I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.


The past is over.- This is a new day, on that I have never lived before. I say in the Now and enjoy each and every moment.


My thoughts are creative.- I say “out” to every negative thought that comes to my mind. No person, place, or thing has any power over me, for I am the only thinker in my mind. I create my own reality and everyone in it.


My healing is already in process.- My willingness to forgive begins my healing process. I allow the love from my own heart to wash through every part of my body. I know I am worth healing.


My life is a mirror.- The people in my life are really mirrors of me. This affords me the opportunity to grow and change.


I see clearly.- I willingly forgive. I breathe love into my vision, and I see with compassion and understanding. My clear insight is reflected in my outer sight.


As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.- Life mirrors my every thought. As I keep my thoughts positive, life brings to me only good experiences.


I love life.- It is my birthright to life fully and freely. I give to life exactly what I want life to give to me. I am glad to be alive. I love life!


I am worth loving.- I do not have to earn love. I am lovable because I exist. Others reflect the love I have for myself.


I am at peace with my sexuality.- I rejoice in my sexuality and in my own body. My body is perfect for me in this lifetime. I embrace myself with love and compassion.


I love and approve of myself.- I appreciate all that I do. I am good enough just as I am. I speak up for myself. I ask for what I want. I claim my power.


It is safe to look within.- As I move though the layers of other people’s opinions and beliefs, I see within myself a magnificent being, wise and beautiful. I love what I see in me.


I release all fears and doubts.- I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart. I now choose to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts. I am love and I am safe.


I am at peace.- Divine peace and harmony surround me and dwell in me. I feel tolerance, compassion, and love for all people, myself included.


Divine wisdom guides me.- I am guided throughout this day in making the right choices. Divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my goals. I am safe.


Freedom is my divine right.- I am free to think wonderful thoughts. I move beyond past limitations into freedom. I am no becoming all that I am created to be.


I accept my uniqueness.- There is no competition and no comparison, for we are all different and meant to be that way. I am special and wonderful. I love myself.


I release all criticism.- I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment.


My life works beautifully.- Everything in my life works, now and forevermore.


Life is simple and easy.- All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me. I trust myself and I trust life. All is well.


I trust the process of life.- There is a rhythm and flow to life, and I am part of it. Life supports me and brings to me only good and positive experiences. I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.


All is well in my world.- Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe!


I express my creativity.- My unique and creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways. My creativity is always in demand.



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