Sons of the Sea

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My most anxiously awaited album this Summer is from, who else? Incubus’ front-runner, Brandon Boyd. Any ‘ole day now he should be announcing it and his new book, as well. I highly suspect they’ll be linked somehow as he’s been posting artistic pieces with poetic captions atop them to his twitter account (@mybrandonboyd). He’s had a lot of media surrounding this release last month and lots of tweets to entice his fans. We are all desperately on the edge of our seats, about to fall off, waiting to hear the new tunes. Let’s hope and pray, with fingers crossed, they are as unicorny and as magically delicious as he portrays them to be! In other words, they better be worth all this hype and wait and seduction he’s been putting us through. Well, actually, we just adore Incubus and MYF so we will probably love it no matter what! 😉 Oh, and he’s just announced a new Brandon Boyd website is up tomorrow. I guess tomorrow may be a big day?! I certainly hope so, I’m tired of waiting…

UPDATE: Album Release Date: June 25th; Title: Sons of the Sea “Compass”; New Website:; New book release: So the Echo in early Fall.


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