No Smoking Summer

Here in the San Francisco East Bay Area we have had over a week of 100 degree plus weather with no end in sight. This is insane. I can’t remember Summer being as hot as this year. Of course, it gets hotter every year, it seems. So, I say this every Summer.

I’m a week into my NO SMOKING project! I’m on the patch. It’s been working well to reduce and eliminate cravings. Although, my boyfriend will tell you I’ve been more moody than normal. I’m more quick tempered and less patient. I am breathing and smelling better these days. Food is beginning to taste more yummy. The smell of cigarettes is also beginning to actually annoy me, go figure. I’ve noticed also that I eat more. This could end up being a problem in the long run. I usually grab jello or a piece of fruit or a hard candy but those calories will add up. I’ve put on 3 pounds in a week! YIKES. Time to up the exercise regime. I’ve added an extra day of yoga and I’m meditating everyday now. I hope this helps to turn things around. Overall: so far, so good. I do miss cigarettes but don’t want them back in my life, kind of like a boyfriend that cheats on you that you still have feelings for. You just have to tell yourself he’s a loser and move on. Well cigarettes, you’re a loser and I’m moving on!!!!

Btw, I can’t believe I’m actually at this point in my life. This has been a goal (quitting smoking) for at least a decade. I’m really humbled and happy to be at this place and space in time. Thank you, God. 🙂



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