Goddesses Rising

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Mother Mary, Isis, Pallas Athena and Quan Yin: my 4 go-to Goddess. Call on them almost everyday for just about everything. Love, love, love these four ladies and their strength, love, compassion, joy and gentle greatness in all ways. Inspiring me to be a better me and to just keep on keeping on in a better and better way. These Goddesses always make my heart smile and soothe my soul during those difficult times. They have become friends of mine and I imagine them to be warriors of truth and justice in this world on the other side. I know that probably makes sense to some people and sounds crazy to others. It is what it is. As my years and age progress, I’m beginning to care less about what people in general think of me, and more about what I think of myself and what my Creator thinks of me. I know my Creator thinks I’m his child and that I’m perfectly imperfect, as we all are. If I do good and strive my hardest to think good thoughts, I’m a step ahead and contributing to the light of the world. Plus, I’m a happier person on the inside and out. Go Goddess Power!


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