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Great Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is about gratitude to me. While the historical premise leaves a foul taste in my mouth, the idea of gratitude, of giving thanks, of bringing to mind all that we are thankful for warms my insides. Throughout the year, when I am in fear or in my darkest of moments, it is through gratitude and thanksgiving that I am able to pull myself up and out and through those toughest of times, those darkest of moments in my life. When things get rocky and rough, it is through a gratitude list and memory that I find my way to joy and to sanity again. Gratitude really is magic and it has served me well in my life. I keep a gratitude journal and it has changed my life for the better in many ways. It has helped me move from mind to heart and it has helped me realize all the small but, big things I have to be grateful for. I really am tremendously blessed even when I forget it. That gratitude journal helps me to remember on those off-days and helps me to stay centered on it’s reality and it’s grace. This Thanksgiving many of my Facebook friends embarked on a 30-day gratitude journey where they posted one or several things they were grateful for throughout the month of November. It was an endearing journey to watch them take. It warmed and melted my heart in many ways. Large things and small alike came through the news feed and I could see that many people, like myself, have so much to be grateful for. Everyday, indeed, is a day to remind ourselves of the plenty and abundance of the Universe and of the tremendous amount of blessings in our lives. If we focus on what is right in our lives and our world, we will manifest more of it, according to the Law of Attraction. So, let’s start blessing our graces and counting our blessings by appreciating the gratitude we have and building more of it somehow. I’m thankful for you, for taking the time to read this and for being a Lightworker in the world. Thank you for being you and for helping to raise the frequency of the planet to one of heaven on Earth and for believing with me. I love you and am ever so grateful to be alive and vibrating with you at this imaginary time of evolution, transformation and transcendence. May love, peace and harmony prevail on Earth! Enjoy your holiday season and take some time to reflect on it all…



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Looking at Knights Court Cards in Tarot

In Doreen Virtue’s weekly oracle card readings she’s been pulling a Knight card in each of her Tarot readings for about a month. I’ve been beginning to wonder, “Why?” While she reads the card in the basic spread meaning, I can’t help but begin to wonder what the broader meaning of the knight is and why they keep popping up in our weekly readings.

What is the knight trying to tell us? What is the lesson? Why does he keep appearing in the readings? Below is a link to an article on the Knights and their general meanings to each suit in the Tarot. As you will read, they mean change, movement and action. They are action-orientated and each suit has a specific additional meaning.

Biddy Tarot Knight Interpretation

Additionally, here are the meanings described in the Angel Tarot Cards Guidebook from the “Blue Knights” Doreen has pulled:

Knight of WaterSituations: Deep emotions arising from situations or relationships impact your life. Falling in love or a wedding proposal is possible. You (or someone close to you) need to balance your emotions, lest you become overwhelmed. You may receive invitations to parties or other social opportunities.

People: An extremely emotional person who’s driven by a love of romance, art, and beauty. Someone who is charming, contemplative, and idealistic. Sensitive. Romantic. Imaginative. Enthusiastic. Refined. Moody.

Additional Meanings: Someone you can talk to. A dreamer. A flirt. Past-life connections. Melodrama.

Knight of AirSituations: Events in your life go into high speed! Your plans can now be implemented, and you should see a great deal of activity. Intellect and creativity rule the day, so adopt nontraditional viewpoints. Take the time to consider choices carefully.

People: An extremely intelligent person who has the ability to act fast and think even faster. A genuine “go-getter” who is unstoppable in support of a cause. Idealistic. Decisive. Knowledgeable. Tireless. Assertive. Sometimes tactless.

Additional meanings: An unanticipated situation or conflict. An impulsive decision. A “knight in shining armor.”

See definition of a knight.

Consider the movement of a knight in chess.

The sum of all this has leads me to believe that the Knight continues to show his face for several important reasons in our readings:

1. idealistic love/romance is blossoming around us (enjoy it)

2. strategic planning/movement/action is required at this time

3. an important male figure in coming in our lives or is already in our life (show him some love)!

4. lots of emotions around us (holidays are here) and it’s important to balance these

5. what else?



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HEALING: Release from Fear

HEALING: Release from Fear

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a Child of God.

I am love’s pure light.

I am a healer, teacher, leader, feeling being, spiritual being, writer, coach, friend.

I am light, love, magic and miracles.

I am the essence of you.

I am what I choose to be.

I am becoming the best me in each moment that I can be.

I am learning everyday.

I am dancing with the Universe.

I am a meditating moment.

I am a mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, cousin, lover, friend.

I am nothing and everything.

I am endless possibilities.

I am as God created me to be.

I am wanting to be more of me.

I am trusting the process, holding the vision.

I am learning to let go so I can live fully in the present.

I am forgiving and forgiven.

I am understanding and understood.

I am creating the reality that is my world.

I am gentle with myself and all others.

I am a truth-teller.

I am a magic-maker.

I am a dream believer.

I am a moon gazer.

I am a kindred spirit.

I am one with the Universe and my Creator.

I am unique and special.

I am a work in progress.

I am a child in the garden.


I am my deepest desires.

As is your desire,

So is your intention,

As is your intention,

So is your will,

As is your will,

So is your deed,

As is your deed,

So is your destiny.

Notes: “Who Am I?” poem by californiamoon, inspired by Day 1 meditation from Oprah and Deepak on their 21-day meditation challenge entitled, Desire and Destiny. Hindu saying and following poem quoted from material presented during meditation by Deepak. Please join us in the meditation challenge!