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For Jackie…

AA Michael, AA Ariel, Violet Flame, Fire Dragons and Christ Jesus:

I call upon AA Michael to guide, guard and protect Jackie and her children as she goes through this journey and transition into new power and wholeness. I ask a million trillion angels to be with her and her family. I wrap her in a triple white light of Christ energy through which nothing can enter but love. On top of that I triple wrap her in the energy of AA Michael and a solo wrap of AA Ariel. These seven layers act as both a healing and a protector for her and her family. I call upon the Fire Dragons to breathe fire into her future and set forth a clear path and a new vision for her full of access to new opportunities for her healing work. I call for the Violet Flame to come and clear away all negativity and transmute it into the highest form of love energy possible. It is done. It is finished. She is happy. She is well. She lives in joy. Thank you AA Michael, AA Ariel, Violet Flame, Fire Dragons and Christ Jesus for this healing and for this miracle in her life and in the lives of her family. We bless her with so much love, light, wisdom and friendship. May she return to the grid soon. IN JESUS’ NAME WE PRAY, AMEN.


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This is kinda weird but totally awesome. I wanna go!!!


UPDATE: Tour was canceled. Jerks.


Dr. Frank and Bye Bye Blackbirds Single

Dr. Frank and Bye Bye Blackbirds Single

Order 7″ here (link above).

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KD, Approx. by the very talented Dr. Frank

KD, Approx. by the very talented Dr. Frank

My most anxiously awaiting new release coming in Winter, 2014. Just in time for the pre-holiday rush. Get yours now.

Magic Music Video

Even Hitler…

I want all 3. Go figure.

Music Video


I just want to make you laugh
I want to see you smile
I want love
I want want you
I want us
I want me
I want peace…

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Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power

Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power

I joined the call last night. Boy, I learned a lot. The class is about $400 and I’m very tight month-to-month and can’t afford to take it. 😦 I wish I could. They do offer a 3-installment plan of $150 per month. I’m trying to figure out a way to stretch and afford that. I’m a single mom on disability so, I’m contemplating quitting cable to afford this. It’s a 7-week program with tons of interesting information about how we, as women, view ourselves in the world. They talk a lot about our internal dialogue and how it affects our lives. Instead of stuffing our feelings or using male dominating submission, we should heed our emotions and then use our higher consciousness to have a dialogue with the various parts of ourselves. I love what these women had to say. The initial call is free. It ran about an our and a half and really, they explain the entire program in the initial call but they leave you really wanting to go deeper with them. It’s worth a listen and the inspiration they bring! I loved how they brought me to a new space with own inner dialogue in just little over an hour. Powerful!

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How to Use Reiki Symbols

Spirituality and Flow Wellness and Perfect Health

Reiki Symbols

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Becoming Conscious of Our True Nature

“…So become the witness of your thoughts without any emotional reaction. Be conscious of the fact that there is a separation between you and your thought. That is necessary.

Here is yet another point, the most important: feeling peaceful and calm. Then no thought, no sense experience is felt any more. You must remain for some time in that ideal peace, have the feeling of being free, of not being attached any more to a person or any idea. In this way the great internal change will come….

In our true nature there is nothing apart from bliss, infinite joy. We must become conscious of it…”

-The Practice of Meditation

by Swami Ritajananda

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