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Oracle Card Reading

007Today I made my own oracle card deck on 3 by 5 cards. I wrote on the lined sides and left room on the blank back sides for artwork. I have yet to do the artwork. There are 33 cards in the deck. 18 of them are taken from the Consciousness Cards that I created awhile back. The other 15 are the Archangels from Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue. Today I choose two cards and the odds are that you will get one Consciousness Card and one Archangel. I like this very much. Today the cards were: Acceptance, be open to change and the Archangel Uriel who helps us enlighten our intellect and stay in the Light. Uriel is all about Light and illumination and the intellect but really transcending the intellect into the heart of all. So as you work with Uriel today be open to enlightenment and love as you accept where and who you are. Be open to changing the little things that add up to big things.

001AA Michael came through with a message that “prayer will help this situation” and “honor and trust your feelings”. As you pray to Source about your situation, you will be given guidance about next action steps to take. Honor and trust your feelings in this respect and you will go far. You should always honor and trust your feelings. If you don’t know what you’re feeling, write about it in a journal. Free writes are the best way to get in touch with your emotions. Just start writing. You can write down things like: I don’t know what I feel. This is stupid. When will this end? How will I ever get in touch with my feelings? Eventually, the energy will shift and something will come through from all of that. I promise. If you write 5 pages of jibberish you will get at least 5 sentences of insight. It just seems to happen that way. If you don’t, don’t worry. You’ll be processing your emotions anyway and clarity will come through the process. Remember, confusion comes before clarity. Otherwise, there would be no clarity or confusion, right? Hang in there and just trust the process and hold onto the fact that a vision is coming soon. Pray for God and the angels to grant you a grand vision.

004Review and Contemplation came up. Get clear on what’s next. Think of the past and the present and you’ll get clear on you Divine life purpose. This is a life purpose card. So is the next one. 3 of Abundance. Your passion will lead you to your Divine life purpose. Do what you love and have confidence in your talent. Allow your creativity to soar and team up with like-minded peeps. Learn everything there is to know about your interests by taking classes or getting a mentor. Get clear on your life purpose through meditation and visualization.


Puffy Cloud

Calling me from afar
Distance seems so near
Rising and falling of breath
Rolling of head
Relaxation overtakes me.

Silencing of brain
Pause in thought
There I hear it all
The moment of certainty
Where eternity meets destiny.

World moves so fast
When still it’s easy
The halt is like a crash
Where swirling goes vertical

Cross-legged  symmetrical.

The here and now is all
I was there, now here
Next I will be where attention goes
Place it upon heaven’s ground
Pull up in a puffy cloud.

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Resources for Chronic Pain

Meditation Oasis: A great guided meditation website with a wonderful meditation on pain (Beyond Pain #14). There’s also an app for iphones and ipads.

Guided Imagery Scripts. There’s one for “relaxation for pain relief”.

Meditation on Loving Kindness: Walking, Sitting, Forgiveness, and Compassion from Jack Kornfield.

Meditation for Beginners article.

The American Chronic Pain Association

National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association

“Treating Chronic Pain With Meditation”, an article in The Atlantic.

Psychology Worksheets for dealing with pain including pain dairy, guidelines for better sleep and pacing for pain and fatigue. Also a pain toolkit is available for download.

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The Ordained Lightworker

Jackie’s amazing site: The Ordained Lightworker

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Manifestation, Magic and More


This morning I did some old fashioned candle magic using Doreen and Grant Virtue’s Angel Blessings Candle Kit. I choose grey for repelling, absorbing and clearing unwanted energies. I used orange for career changes, new beginnings, legal matters and communications. Ganesh is associated with grey and AA Gabriel is associated with orange. I let them burn down just a bit, as I like to burn them often and during various ceremonies. I also love to watch them burn at different sittings and see how the flame varies. There is a journal that accompanies the kit and I wrote my “ATTRACTING” wants and desires in there and my “RELEASING” patterns and energies in there, too. It’s a flow of energy that happens as I do these ceremonies. It’s as if I’m releasing what I don’t want and making more room for what I DO want into my life and the candles help to accentuate that process. As I stare into their flames, I literally feel my soul and psyche taking in my intentions and releasing old energy. This is a wonderful feeling and I highly recommend all sensitive Light people who are “stuck” or in need of an energy boost, work with candles or crystals, or as I do, BOTH! It will dramatically change your energy and help you feel better instantly. Thank you angels, crystals and candles for your healing this morning! I love you so much and am so grateful for your magic, energy and love.



This is the infamous Happy Butterfly Lightworker Community/Family plant! It still is growing wonderfully and I love this plant soo much! I got it around the time the HBLF formed and have had it every since. This plant speaks to me as if a fairy/elemental and has had Divine revelation in my life. I had it outside on my balcony for quite awhile but then, I missed communicating and seeing her everyday, all day, so I brought her back into my kitchen! She gives me soo much love and support and I am so grateful for her. I call her “Butterfly” or sometimes just “Happy”. She likes both names! There are two “fake” flowers in her now: a pink daisy my daughter found somewhere and a purple rose my ex beloved gave me when he came from Alaska to visit. He handed it to me as he exited the plane. Both are very special and hold high frequency. So she now sits on my kitchen altar holding Divine space for manifestation, miracles and more! This plant is such an amazing creature, as is the HBLF! Jackie, founder or HBLF, had to go ‘off circuit” for awhile due to personal and family issues. She was off grid for about a year or so. I missed her very much and our community was very concerned as she disappeared suddenly. We all took counsel with each other and communed with one another and prayed fervently during that time. I am happy to say that she is back in action now and in circuit and on the grid again! Her energy is so special and contagious. She gives so much to our community and I have to say we all feel more uplifted when she is around. She is our leader, our guide, our mentor and our special counsel. God chose her for our community guide and she is someone very special to me. She is my Light Sister, my Divine Sister and my friend. I love her so much. Her talent is endless and her heart is something special to this world. I will link to her site above in next post.


Here’s to Life, Love, Friendship and Miracles Abound,


aka Angelicmoonfairy

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