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Ascension Card Affirmations


by Diana Cooper
I am one with everyone and everything.
I attune to Archangel Metatron today.
I am open to learning and teaching.
I accept and practice my healing, spiritual, and psychic gifts.
I radiate golden light and take decisive action today.
I believe in my ability to create miracles.
I respond with unconditional love today.
I face my challenges with calm and strength.
I visit the Intergalatic Council today.
I invoke air to carry angel singing around the world and bring hope and peace.
I connect with unicorns.
I am visiting Metatron’s retreat in my sleep tonight.
I stand in my power.
Water, I love you, bless you, and thank you.  I direct you to spread love round the planet.
I invoke fire to light my way to the new Golden Age.
I AM the Gold and Silver Violet Flame.
I explore all the information before i take a decision.
I honor and respect all animals.
I awaken my 12 Fifth Dimensional chakras.
I open my heart to love and healing from the Pleaides.
I maintain my truth and see the spirituality in all things.
I send Lemurian healing to Earth.
I am in total balance and harmony.
I am open to the highere wisdom of Sirius.
I am fair-minded, open-minded, and nonjudgmental.
I visit Archangel ________ in my sleep tonight.
I express myself creatively and harmoniously.
I AM the Cosmic Heart.
I walk with the ascended masters.
I use the Sword of Truth to lead the way.
I walk with Serapis Bey.
My life and my health are in perfect harmony.
I listen to my divine feminine wisdom.
I wear Mother Mary’s mantle of love and enfold others in it.
I invoke the Mahatma energy to flow through me.
I call on Lord Kumeka to enlighten and support me.
I connect to the God force within the Sphinx.
I honor the masters of Orion and visit them in my sleep.
I am one with everything.
I connect with dolphin wisdom.
I connect with the Great White Brotherhood and radiate pure white light today.
I connect with Commander Ashtar to serve the Universe.
I am open to wisdom from the stars.
I AM the Gold Ray of Christ.
I invoke fire dragons to clear my path to ascension.
I attune to the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria held in Neptune.
I thank, bless, and love the entire nature kingdom.
I open myself to the wisdom and guidance of Hilarion.
I act from my divine feminine wisdom.
I stand in my power and lead others forward.
I thank Lady Gaia for inviting me to be on Earth.

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10 Principles of Manifestation

10 Principles of Manifestation
by John Randolph Price

Eliminate a consciousness of need. We have it all and we have it NOW! We have the kingdom NOW.

1. ATTUNEMENT- Eternal self-hood. Master self. Super knowledge of God, Christ consciousness. God knowing it’s self as it’s self. Decide what you want and go after it. Choose to claim what you desire.
2. CHOICE- Focus on what you want. Desire is the first act in the action process. Make a list of want you want. Intuition deepens and guides to highest of good choices. Spiritual into mental into physical planes.
3. ACCEPTANCE- Only that which you accept is yours to use.
4. HAVE- Consciousness shifts from need to have. “I AM” statements. Working in the now, where God consciousness is.
5. VISUALIZATION- Creative visualization. Energy follows thought. Create form out of thought substance. Controlled imagery in the present moment. What you see is what you get. Write out the complete and finished scenario. Always see the best. Imagine from your highest vision.
6. LOVE- Clothe images with substance. Divine idea under all manifestation. Love what you see with deep substance. Embody pattern of love desires. As above, so below. As within, so without.
7. SPOKEN WORD- Faith. Declare that it is done. Foundation of belief system. It is done. It is so.
8. SURRENDER- Let go and let God. Accept the way and the truth of your divine consciousness. Surrendering to a greater good. Turn everything over to Divine Consciousness. Live in a state of grace.
9. GRATITUDE- Joyful heart-filled with praise and thanksgiving. Be thankful while your good is still invisible.
10. ACTION- After spiritual treatment, you must interact and act. Rise from your prayers and follow intuition. Position yourself to receive. Your part is play co-creator. Ask Higher Self and God: “What would you like me to do now?”


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Walk in Beauty

We are at the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle peeps!

Uranus/Pluto square started March 16, 2015 linked with major change. Will be felt for a long time (like 3 years).

Total Solar Eclipse March 20, 2o15. 2:36 am. 29 Pisces 27. Visible in UK and Northern Europe. Supermoon. Perigee moon. Tides will be high and strong. Sense of paradigm shift and energetic movement. The energy is intense today but palpable for molding into your own creation. Shift your consciousness into what you desire to create! Good day to do a ceremony and honor the spirituality of the Earth.

13 hours later, Sun moves into Aries and we have the Spring Equinox! Portal of energy! Transform into the fresh newness of the vibes of Her. What are you sensing? What is calling you? What is your spirit calling you to do right now? How are you being in the world? How would you like to be? What are you desiring to create, do, be? NOW more than ever is the time to rise up and into the energy of Mother and the celestial realm. To raise your consciousness into the outer realms of the world and ground into Mother. We really are being asked to have a foot in the spiritual world and a foot in the physical world. We are all walking Shamans now. Enjoying the journey, each sacred step, toward a beautiful walk together toward peace, wholeness, unity, love and joy.

Blessingway Prayer of the Navajo people

I will be happy forever

Nothing will hinder me

I walk with beauty before me

I walk with beauty behind me

I walk with beauty above me

I walk with beauty below me

I walk with beauty around me

My words will be beautiful


Walk in beauty. And So It Is.




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Oprah and Deepak’s Manifesting True Success

Deepak and Oprah are doing a free 21-day meditation series on Manifesting True Success! We are on Day 4. Please join us if you are guided. It is free! The meditations are beautiful and take you to a beautiful space to begin each day. I do them every morning and find myself having a centered, balanced, energetically charged and beautifully inspired day. You can definitely feel the energy of all the people who do the meditations everyday. It is worldwide and there are hundreds of thousands of people meditating on these simple15 minute meditations. I highly recommend joining us! Here’s the link below:

Oprah and Deepak’s Manifesting True Success Meditation Series

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Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse: March 20, 2015

spring equinox 2 spring equinox solar eclipse

from Mystic Mamma

Angels, God and Faith Oracle Card Readings Spirituality and Flow

This Week’s Reading

036From the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue come the cards: Visualization, Trust Your Intuition and Inner Child. Monday and Tuesday ask you to visualize what you desire. What is it that you are trying to create? What do you want out of life? Get clear on your intentions early in the week. In fact, setting a daily or weekly intention may be helpful. The middle of the week, the fairies guide you to trust your intuition and follow your guidance that you receive based on your visualizations. Listen to your inner voice and meditate to gain clarity and answers. If you’re not getting any answers, ask for a clear sign you can recognize from the fairies and angels. Then, be patient but keep a keen eye for the sign. Trust me, the sign will be obvious. It could come as a song, repeated number patters, or even as a phrase you hear over and over. You may even have a chance encounter with someone who tells you just what you need to hear. The latter part of the week focuses on inner child work. The fairies ask us to get out this weekend and play! If the weather is nice where you are, enjoy it and play in it! Go for a walk or hike. Maybe visit a park or playground near to you. Take your inner child out for a play date. You can include your own children, if you have them or, just take you and your inner child. Nurture that part of you that longs to cut loose and just run wild and free. He/she will thank you. This could also be a sign to meditate with your inner child and shed some tears of sorrow on their behalf. You don’t have to get stuck there but is your inner child feeling sad or neglected? Perhaps they need to be heard and acknowledged by you. Write a letter to your inner child telling them that you are there for them now and will take care of them from now on. Or you could write a letter as your inner child and see what they have to share.

Overall this week starts of with visualizing and then moves into an emotional week. The best way to move through the emotions is to channel them with movement, your intuition and meditation and also through writing. It will be a positive week of growth for those who wish to work with the energy and see how they can best utilize it for their own personal development.

037One final card from the Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen Virtue: Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings. This card is much like the mid-week card above, Trust Your Intuition. However, this card is reminding us to LISTEN to our intuition in the first place. We can’t trust what we aren’t listening to. So, the angels and fairies are being very clear here to listen and trust your intuition this week. We do have St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th and our first eclipse of the year on the 20th so, there will be some intense energies this week. To manage and get through this week, it is crucial and significant to listen and heed your inner knowing. Only you can direct your path and only you know what is best for you. With the help of your celestial team and high council you will have a great week. Just remember to call upon them for help during adversity and even during the calm and to trust/follow their guidance through all of life.

Bountiful Blessings Beloveds,



Angels, God and Faith Oracle Card Readings

This Week’s Reading: Love your Creative Projects


These cards were pulled from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards deck by Colette Baron-Reid. The first card to appear was The Wind Faery. She is one of the Guides of Faery in the deck. She is concerned with thoughts, words and intellectual analysis. As the book writes, “she whispers that the power of thoughts manifests the unseen into the physical. Take time to observe your predominant thoughts. Are they positive? Do they reflect empowering concepts? Or are they negative and disempowering? When you tune in to how your mind is focused, you will surely see the relationships between your environment and the thoughts you’re thinking. To change the outer conditions, you must first change the way you think. The Wind Faery also reminds you of the power of intellect, as this is a good time to use the power of your analytical mind. Think before you act; this is not the time for impulsive action. A well-thought-our strategy will yield a positive result.”

The placement and story of this card represents that using your mind with love can benefit your creative pursuits.

The next card is a Sacred Journey Marker: Love. The book describes Love as: “This marker asks you to show love to all you meet and to remember that you are love and to keep it flowing. Also, remember to keep your heart open to receiving love, as well. You are connected to all of life and you are a steward of love. Love is the essence of the Divine in you and it sees the Divine in others. Ask yourself, “What would love do?”

In our story, Love asks you to use this feeling and power as you channel this energy in your creative projects and as you process your intellectual mind. Shift your thinking to Love and you will enjoy the rewards of a new or renewed creative project.

The last card is the Spider which is an Animal Guide of Avalon. He represents creative projects! The book writes: “You have within you the gift to create meaningful, purposeful work. Spider signals that it’s time to be aware of your responsibility for the creations in your life. Maybe you need to rethink an issue and apply your inner artist to find a solution. If you’re unhappy with anything, ask yourself, “How can I create a better, more productive and loving experience for myself and others?” Whether you see yourself as an artist or not, you’re always co-creating with the Divine. You are the architect of your own happiness and fulfillment. What life are you building? It’s time to create!”

Through looking at your intellectual processing and shifting it more into love and acceptance, a magnificent new creative endeavor beings or an old creative process is rejuvenated!



I pulled 2 more cards to see how this would transpire. From the Life Purpose Deck by Doreen Virtue we get “You’re on the Right Path”. So, basically you are doing what you need to be doing. Just continue to evaluate your mental state and move into acceptance as much as possible. Even if you aren’t doing anything, try to accept where you are. This will allow the new energy of Love to move in and motivate you toward the new creative endeavor. “Ride the Wave” from The Map by Colette Baron-Reid came up which is essentially the same card as the Right Path card. We’ve just got to hang on in there and stay the path. Things will shift as we stay in Love and process through it. Try to focus an a creative project you can enjoy or develop this week. This will allow you to channel your energy into something fun and inspiring and not get trapped into something else.

Sending you tons of angelic healing energy,



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Love Warrior

I Am a Warrior for Love

I am a powerful warrior.

I embrace that I’m a warrior for love.

I allow myself to be one with the Divine.

I allow my heart to be open to all that there is.

I accept the magical powers that come with being a warrior of love.

I am a much-needed part of this divine imprint.

I love reinventing myself.

I love being unrecognizable to all those around me.

I give my heart and soul to God.

I am a warrior of love and I’m enough.

I am a warrior for love and I matter.

When I stand in being a warrior for love, all things come as they should.

I accept my badge, my duty, and my gift of being a warrior for love.

I will remember every day that I’m a warrior for love.

I can see myself as a warrior for love.

I am a warrior for love.

by Debbie Ford from Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence