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I’ve seen many yellow butterflies around me lately. I used to see white butterflies around me. Always the butterfly around me though. It is my totem animal and my messenger. Thank you butterfly spirit!



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The Mighty Spark of Life

There is something in the way she moves that reminds me of a Goddess, of something free and vibrant, fresh and unlimited. She walks in a stride of confidence, with her head high and her hips swaying with rhythm of respect and power. She speaks boldly and firm yet with a calm demeanor. She glows from the inside out. Her beauty is seen by all who come to lay eyes upon her. It is not a natural beauty but rather a glaring beauty of experience, of time, of patience and of unconditional love. She moves and settles the energy of any room, calms and stills it with her glowing presence. She is indeed a Goddess, yet she is more. She is an Earth Angel. She is a Lightworker and a companion of old souls.
As we become our higher selves, the dance between this world and the next beacons us to play. The next world is the world of the Ascension. It is a return to love and light in its purest forms on all levels. The dichotomy ends for us and the light and goodness and love become all we know. This world some people refer to as Heaven. Indeed, it is. However, this world can be experienced in many realms. It may be experienced on Earth, while transitioning and in Heaven it’s self. Whenever we make the conscious choice to choose and see only the positive, we are experiencing Heaven. Heaven has no dualistic qualities. It is only for love, light, and joy.
Why must we experience fear? Why is there duality? Why is there hate and evil? In our stance it is so we may learn to overcome them. So we may choose again. So we may surmount them and conquer them with the light. Herein lies the essence of Creation. Do you believe in a Higher Power? In a power greater than you? When you really ponder creation, there has to be a Source of all Creation who originated our existence. Some believe we came from apes and others believe in the Big Bang Theory. However, there has to be a Source that originated those propositions. The Mighty Spark of Life, if you will, is the Source of all Creation.