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Kuan Yin

Here are my sacred instructions: First, have mercy upon yourselves. You have endured much in our land, and you have eons of lessons yet before you. Only through a gentle touch is Nirvana revealed. Stretch and reach for greatness, but always with a gentle approach. Seek not opportunities, but allow them to gently come to you as a lotus flower floats upon the currents of water amidst a gentle breeze. Strive, but not with hurry- enjoy the process upon which you embark. Know that each step along the way is akin to a party- a celebration of movement, which is itself a miracle.

Appreciate the godliness within yourself, within each of you. Do not chide yourself for your errors and mistakes, but laugh, grow, and learn from them instead. You, my gentle child, are doing just fine- in fact, very well indeed.

If I were to give you any word of wisdom, it would be the word that best embodies love upon this Earth plane to me: compassion. Growing past all shame and embarassment, and moving toward appreciation, not just for the “good” parts of yourself and others, but for all along the way- it’s all good, believe me. And if you can know that as the eternal truth sooner rather than later, your happiness will come galloping toward you at the speed of mustangs with winged hooves. Believe that as the truth. Now.

Wisdom comes from sitting still and listening, not from rushing to get ahead. A still heart receives love and information more readily than one that is hurried. Do something simple today: Pick a flower and simply study it with no intent. Be blank. Be open. And know that whatever comes to you is good, and a lesson in the making- always and forever.”

-Doreen Virtue channeling Kuan Yin in the book Archangels and Ascended Masters: A Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities


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Dear God:

Teach me to remember that You are my help and my shield always. Let me rely on You and not on this world. As we go inward to commune with you, let us feel Your holy presence and be soothed by the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Beginning each day with prayer, we trust that You will guide, guard and protect us and our loved ones throughout the day; that You will align our will with Your higher will for us. We also trust that You will light our path, Father, and show us the way You would have us go. Help us to be of service today to the broken and hurting. Let us minister to those who need to hear Your word today and to each other, fellow believer who might need a word of encouragement. Melt our hearts and mold them into Your way, truth and light. Allow us to remain open, flexible and teachable everyday. Grant us your mercy for we desperately need it, Lord.

Bless this planet and all of its inhabitants. Bless the nature kingdom and heal and restore this most glorious Earth You have created, Lord. We trust in Your Divine plan, timing and order, Lord. We let go of what we do not understand in this world and simply give it to you, Father. Your way, Your truth, Your light will not lead us astray. Together we pray for a new dawn, a new beginning and a new chapter to unfold for humanity but Father, You already know what is best for us so we humbly rest in Your loving hands and say thank you. Thank You for this gift of life. Thank You for our lessons and thank You for our joys. Thank You for love, compassion and for Your glorious Son who saves us all. What an amazing Lord you are. We praise and lift your name on high. We just celebrate You everyday for we are lost without you, Lord. So, thank you for loving us first and for continuing to love us no matter what.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,


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The Lightworker’s Prayer

“I choose to stay centered in the awareness of love, God, and my true self. In this center, like the eye of a hurricane, all is tranquil, safe, and peaceful. My power, wisdom, and peace comes from staying in this center, and I ask for spiritual support from God and his angels to keep my mind aligned with truth. I willingly detach from the material world, knowing that by so doing, I can effectively help others. I trust God to provide my every need, and I allow His omnipotent wisdom to direct me in all ways. I accept a steady diet of love and joy, knowing that I deserve happiness and health. I willingly and lovingly release all ego judgment about myself and other people, knowing that everything I want comes from my decision to experience the oneness of all life. I know I am meant to be a healer and a teacher for God, and I now accept my mission fully without delay or reservation. I surrender all behaviors that would block me from hearing my inner voice, and I happily trust my inner guide to lead me along the lightworker’s way, where I joyfully serve as an instrument of love. I release any doubt or fears I may have about fulfilling my Divine mission, and I now commit to staying aware of my inner Voice for God. I know that this is the only tool I will ever need for my own healing and the healing of the world.


Doreen Virtue – The Lighworker’s Way

Spirituality and Flow



Spirituality and Flow

Sit Still Look Pretty

A Change Will Come Angels, God and Faith Healing Inspirations Life Purpose Spirituality and Flow Wellness and Perfect Health

Cultivating Gratitude throughout the Year

Chris Winfield

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Dork Gallery


The one I LONG to express forgiveness to…

Spirituality and Flow

Positive Change

Not being able to sleep thinking about how to recycle more, take care of the wild animal population that lives in neighborhoods and the mass homeless population. I would call it mania but they all are such pressing issues that matter to me. I need to just help how and where I can and give the rest to God. But I do see ways I can implement change.

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Pleistocene Paradigm by Paul Shephard’s “Nature and Madness” (1982)

Explored the effect that our ever-diminishing engagement with wild nature had upon human psychological development

David Abram The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World (1996)

Examining in detail the earthly dimensions of sensory experience, and disclosing the historical effect of formal writing systems upon the human experience of nature’s agency, voice, and interiority.