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New and Full Moon

2017: Year of the Fire Rooster

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A Change Will Come Healing Inspirations Wellness and Perfect Health

United We Rise


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You are Energy and are fully responsible for what you bring to this planet.

If you agree with hate, divisiveness, racism, etc. you are fully contributing to the problem.

If you support “the wall”, the taking away of our affordable health care and placing full restrictions on abortion and birth control (telling women what to do with their bodies) you are operating from a primordial mindset that will not progress anyone.

If you support pipelines, you are soiling and contaminating drinking water in the USA for everyone.

Trump did all these things in his first few days in office. This is not only sad for our country but for the planet.

You may be the elite, the rich and the high-uppers but the people down below who care about each other and the planet are cautioning you. Firmly. Take heed or suffer the consequences.

We all will.

I urge you to find your compassion, your gentleness and your courage to face what’s ahead and to take guided action toward peaceful resolutions that can help fix or reverse actions taken against humanity and the planet.

Powerful prayer, group meditation and signing petitions are one way to start. You may also want to join in a march, organize a fundraiser or donate to a political charity.

Also, volunteering for your favorite political party is always needed and handing out informational flyers can help educate people.

Whatever you feel guided to do- be sure to take action so that you can follow your guidance without delay. Often times, we follow the first set of guidance instructions and then another set will come!

Be blessed. Be inspired. Be well.

Be bold. Be brave. Be free.

Love wins.

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Art for its sake

A Change Will Come Healing Inspirations Magic Wellness and Perfect Health

More on unicorn origins




Affirmations & Meditations

Loving Kindness Meditation


May I/you/we be filled with lovingkindness. May I/you/we be safe from inner and outer dangers. May I/you/we be well in body and mind. May I/you/we be at ease and happy.

-adapted from Jack Kornfield’s meditation on Loving Kindness

New and Full Moon

First Full Moon of 2017

img_6159Wolf Full Moon still in effect.

Check it out tonight if the sky is clear in your area!

It’s a great time to release what does not serve you anymore.

Don’t forget to recharge your crystals under the Full Moon.

Meditate on things such as: surrender, release, non attachment, non permanence, Divine flow, and trust in these processes.

Ground/center/shield your energy, especially in the morning and under a Full Moon.

Prayers are also extremely powerful and potent at this time.

Inspirations Poetry

Silly Song

Once in a while I feel sort of crazy
and I do things you might think dumb,
like ticklin’ a worm on his underneath
and makin’ him wiggle his thumb.
Then I find a cat and pull it’s trunk
and sing a song with a dog,
and kiss a cow and ride a snake,
and eat my lunch with a hog!!
I don’t believe! I don’t believe it!
Who do you think you are?!
I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!
You’re carrying things too far!
You’re always tellin’ me stories like this
What’s the matter with you?
I don’t believe it! I don’t believe!
Who needs the wind? There’s you!!



NOTE: Not sure who the author is but I sang this song when I was in 5th grade in the 80’s and always remembered it! I adore these lyrics. So witty and just ridiculous. Fun for kids and silly for everyone!

A Change Will Come Angels, God and Faith Spirituality and Flow


Standing Rock still needs us! Make this critical phone call to the Army Corps for them to follow through on their plans to not do the pipeline. Also, donate what you can!