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God BLESS Puerto Rico

Pray and give to help PUERTO RICO

Dear God,

Please, you know what Puerto Rico needs right now- a miracle. We’re asking for those miracles to come abundantly and with all the Prosperity of Your Kingdom. May Your Love shine upon Puerto Rico and protect and restore the land from the ground up. Oh Great Mystery, you reign. Your power is awesome and wonderfully made. We praise you and ask you to dance in the heavens. Great Spirit, guide the people into the higher ground of your wisdom. May they find their strength and may we help when and where we can. Thank you for all of us being and becoming One on this island.

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Yes, I AM…



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Happy New Moon/Mabon (early)

Forever Conscious

The White Goddess

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Energy Focus:

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Divine Prosperity Event!❤🌈✌🙏

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Breeze Wisps

We must look beyond culture, beyond holidays. We must look toward the rising Sun. Feel Her in our Souls. Take moment to moment Guidance from that still, inner whisper that gently guides and protects us at all times. We are transcending this duality world of 3D consciousness into a more unified realm of 5D consciousness. Breathe deeply and feel the prana of Jesus’ love and healing energy filling every cell of your physical, mental, spiritual and soul and emotional body. This is 5D. We are so alive. We are so aware. The breeze feels fine.

The wind has finally come in layers- breezing through the apartment and cooling my skin and home.  My hair dances and falls upon my face and into the corners of my eyes. I sit listlessly at my kitchen table hunched over, leaning into the motion. Listening to it wisp and howl, hearing the loose papers shift, watching dancing plants reach and move as the air comes in through the front door. It blasts through the house cleansing and purifying all within it and exiting the back sliding glass door, bringing gusts of light and music to and from the street below.

I sit in the middle of it all, at the kitchen table. Where are you? Where am I? It’s dinner time but there is no food prepared. I’m suddenly anxious.

The breeze keeps coming in stronger and stronger. My solo dinner table breaks my heart. I hear birds chirping and they remind me that I am never alone. I feel something begin to stir in me. I’m not sure what but I know now that I’m not ever going to feel alone again. Not in a world this beautiful. Not in a place where I know you are here, too.



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Louise Hay’s Lecture Notes

What like-minded people do you want to connect with?

Everytime you think, your thoughts connect you with like minded people.

We know peace is happening.

Inner peace connects us.

We are all worthy of love.


Quiet your mind to hear your own Inner Wisdom. Connect with your Higher Self and with others doing it.

What sort of people am I connecting with now?

Inner harmony. Outter peace.

Start healing myself.

I AM the center of my world.

Radiate Harmony and love.

Change myself.

Love myself.

Be honest with me.

Self honesty.

Be willing to see what needs changing.

Be truthful.

Be honest with others.

Learn how to say NO.

Whatever we give out, we receive.

What we believe comes true.

What do I believe about this?

What do I feel?

Why doing it?

Allow new ideas in and expand consciousness.

Addictions keep us out of the present moment.

Where am I not accepting myself?

Addicted to rejection.

Get addicted to something positive instead.

Nothing has any power over me.

Love is the answer.

Love Yourself.

Enjoy life.

Connect with yourself.

Do wonderful things for yourself.

Serve others from the light within.

Enlightened- find your own light and shine it for others.

Baby steps.

Impatience is resistance to learning.

Create a world where it is safe for people to love each other.

All notes are from a free lecture from Hay House’s Louise Hay in your inbox today.

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Never Forget

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Full Moon Ex-Lover Release

I release all my ex’s from the past

I let them each go with love

I cut any attachments we have (except with co-parenting)

We are now both free from one another

I am now opening to my new love

To my new soul experience of love on Earth

This person is open and is vibrating at my frequency of love

We are both ready to evolve together

We carry similar visions and hold mutual purpose

When we see each other there is complete soul recognition

And through our chemistry and purpose, we serve to awaken others

Gently, honestly and passionately



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what’s up.. just be real