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Aries SEASON and a Blue Moon

Bright, brisk and a bear. I have cried, shook and sighed my way through the long Winter season only to find Spring springing Her head out so quickly making my head spin this strong Aries SEASON. We feel the strength of women everywhere joining together in spirit and solidarity, finding forgiveness and making merry.  Search the web for “Aries Season 2018” and you will see the incredible movement of Spirit underway. I have seen nothing like it in my time. The fact that these celestial events are now being covered and acknowledged by so many gives me hope, a new kind of faith and makes me feel even more empowered and part of something special. It makes the dawning of the light come into view and sheds new skin onto our path.

For this season, I took my daughter to the local new age store and asked her to pick out a few candles. She choose the healing and good health candles. So for Aries SEASON, we are focusing on healing and wellness. I’m also praying this Lenten season the Psalms and the prayers of Saint Therese.

Here’s some links to describe the Aries SEASON:

Astro Style

Mind Body Green

There’s also a Blue Moon on Saturday. No more Blue Moon’s until 2020 after this one. Read more here.




Spirituality and Flow

New Moon/Chiron

I must let it all go to Source with total acceptance, radical acceptance. It isn’t mine anymore to handle. The Universe must have room to do its thing- to release, to transmute and to make new. I sit in attraction energy now, no longer aggression. I am in the Divine Surrender to what is in the Highest Good of All. My dreams take me to mysterious places where I glimpse alternative lives and am so blessed and grateful for my walking path. I choose love. I choose joy. I choose Soul Family and soul growth.

Healing comes in cycles. It comes on a curve and it comes through the heart, Love and the energy of life. Look into a crystal and connect with it’s frequency and take its energy into your celestial and auric fields. You will feel the healing properties of that crystal.

Breathing is a sacred act. It is an exchange between your body and the atmosphere. It is often done subconsciously however, anytime we can consciously breathe, we are becoming more aware and are meditating. Practicing mantras or mundras while breathing can enhance your practice. Further, guided visualization while breathing can help to open your third eye and intuition center, your remembering and knowing.

Chiron is extremely powerful right now, the wounded healer. Many of us can associate with this archetype. Ask yourself, what is needed for my total healing or wellness? What does wellness look like for me? Can I envision my body, mind and soul in complete and total Harmony and wellness? What would that be like? What kind of world would be around me to support me in that dream? What needs to happen for me to get there? What action steps can I take today toward becoming that version of me?

Calling in this New Moon to help us utilize its energies to state our intentions/goals clearly and our supporting or opposing activities needed to help manifest those goals/intentions. Then a review of what worked or didn’t work about a week or so later. This will be my self love practice process for the New Moon.

My quit date is 20 years almost to the date that I got diagnosed with bipolar and it’s the 23 anniversary of my Poppy’s suicide. The beginning to mid-April. I do have a specific date but I’m keeping that private.

Spirituality and Flow

Praying the Psalms


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US: We’re F***in’ Righteous

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Karuna Reiki




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Activating the Lightbody


AA METATRON: STELLAR GATEWAY: Blazing Golden Orange (Mars/Nijele: Peaceful Warrior) Walk the Ascension pathway, Highest Good of All, Ascension Blessing, Brings chakras into position and alignmet

AA MARIEL: SOUL STAR CHAKRA: Magenta (Orion: Wisdom of the Universe, Cosmic Wisdom) High Frequency Chakra, Soul Wisdom, Ancestors

AA CHRISTIEL: CAUSAL CHAKRA: Personal Moon (Moon: Divine Feminine) 5th Dimensional Chakra, steps through stargate- brings Christ light of unconditional Love

AA JOPHIEL: CROWN CHAKRA: (Uranus: Kirene: Higher Wisdom of the Universe) 33 petals, opening and blessing, links to the great energies of the Universe

AA RAPHAEL: 3RD EYE CHAKRA: Emerald Green (Jupiter: Jumbe: Abundance, Enlightenment, Expanded Knowledge) Abundance Consciousness, Crystal ball, Deep into chakra, veil of illusion shifts

AA MICHAEL: THROAT CHAKRA: Deep/Royal Blue (Mercury: Tilephany: All species higher communication) Golden ray, Truth powers from Atlantis, angels surround to dissolve ego

AA CHAMUEL: HEART CHAKRA: Pink/White (Venus: Unconditional Love)

AA URIEL: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Bright Gold (Hollow Earth: Pilche: All Earth Knowledge) Dissolves fear, encourages wisdom, stay in power, balance

AA GABRIEL: NAVAL CHAKRA: Orange (Sun: Oneness, warmth, welcome) higher creativity

AA GABRIEL: SACRAL CHAKRA: Pink (Sirius: Lakume: Transcendent Love) clears sexual and emotional

AA GABRIEL: BASE/ROOT CHAKRA: Platinum (Saturn: Keshie: Spiritual Discipline)

AA SANDALPHON: EARTH STAR CHAKRA: Silver or Black and White (Neptune: Tutala: Atlantis/Amuria) Foundation of ourn Garden of Eden, Potential



AA SANDALPHON touches your Earth Star with AA METATRON as they open, balance and vibrate your 12, fifth dimensional chakras now. AA SANDALPHON is spinning your chakras into the 5th dimensional frequency. The unicorns pour pure, white light down through your chakra column until you are one unified chakra of pure, DIVINE WHITE LIGHT. The roots of your Earth Star connect into Lady Gaia anchoring you with love to stay permanently in the fifth dimension. Lady Gaia sends a 5th dimensional triangle up and unicorns send a white 5th dimensional triangle down, until they meet in your aura forming a 6 pt. Tetrahedron or Merkaba or Lightbody around you. When your 5th dimensional chakras are open, activated and spinning then your Lightbody comes into place.

by Diana Cooper from her course “Permanently Anchoring Your 5th Dimensional Chakras” found here.

Spirituality and Flow

Lost Scrunchy? Solved.

This is my altered Spring Altar and a blessed pink basket I was going to use for Easter but it is currently holding scrunchies. I think having a basket of hair ties makes life much easier. It’s the little things.