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Mars Retrograde Mantra

Spirituality and Flow

Solomon’s Seal Magick


Spirituality and Flow



Spirituality and Flow

Loving Kindness


Spirituality and Flow

Quit Smoking: The Reasons Why


  • To be a healthy role model to my daughter
  • To save money
  • To smell good all the time
  • To breathe better/For my health
  • For freedom from bondage of the addiction to nicotine
  • To free my time that is spent smoking
  • To develop healthy coping skills and utilize them day by day
  • To take life “one day/moment at a time”
  • To be accountable for my actions
  • For me, myself & I (and my Higher Power always within me)
  • To hear my intuition and guidance more clearly
  • To feel the accomplishment of being a nonsmoker
  • For my family and true friends
  • To live a better lifestyle
  • To believe in me
  • To set a goal and see it through
  • To learn how to ask for help when needed
  • To learn how to deal with the triggers in my life
  • To learn how to go through post-accute withdrawal successfully​
  • To use my toolbox of spiritual tools and add to it during this process
  • To share my experience with others (my experience, strength, and hope) along the way
  • To journal my process that it might possibly serve others who are trying to quit or want to quit, too
  • To believe in the power of prayer, good intentions and positivity coupled with action steps toward progress
  • To work an honest program that thoroughly and completely transforms my soul, spirit, body and mind
  • To envision a new me and then see it to fruition
  • For a better, more clean  environment and atmosphere
  • For a chance to make a difference and a change
  • For the possibility of transformation both individually and collectively
Spirituality and Flow

Christ Consciousness

Just stare at these images or any other that feels right to you, call upon Christ into your heart and mind’s eye and then feel your awareness and consciousness of/for/about Christ expand. Imagine Source golden-white light pouring into every cell of your being and throughout the atmosphere around you. Picture a shield of pink surrounding this source influx of energy, creating a bubble around you and your environment in which only source energy may exit or enter. See a vacuum suctioning all negativity out of your bubble, leaving only the highest vibe within. Seal your bubble with reiki blessings and a prayer to your favorite angel for protection.

Spirituality and Flow


God works in mysterious ways. Like when I cry in my heart the deepest prayer, He answers. And then I am left in awe and amazement, wondering what to say to my Creator.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I praise our connection. I praise our force for miracles, magic and mindfulness in this life for the greatest good of all beings on the planet now. My intention is to love and be loved at the highest vibration possible with the Source of all that is good, holy, just and honorable in this life and the afterlife. Through this love it is my hope to serve Source in some capacity during this lifetime with the gifts and talents bestowed upon me. Whatever the outcome, may my presence bring peace, cooperation, strength, resiliency and power to all who encounter me and may all beings who come into contact with my energy field know and recognize that they are love and loved.



And so it is.

Spirituality and Flow

Still Spring but Summer is Soon

Thinking this.

And I want a bicycle so badly. It hurts not having one.

Spirituality and Flow

Dragon, Angel, Unicorn Spread

IMG_20180607_222907The dragon card was AA GABRIEL’S DRAGON! ❤❤❤❤ Archangel Gabriel coming in bringing purification. Letting us know that we can carry his diamond. Self discipline will speed Ascension and bring more joy into our lives. He is known as the writer’s archangel who inspires and guides during the writing process. Often Gabriel can be perceived as female or as a neutral gender. This white dragon brings illumination and clarity into all situations.

IMG_20180607_222923The angel of clairaudience popped up reminding us that we are receiving Divine guidance in our mind through repeated phrases, recurring numbers, songs, books, titles, recipes, etc. Also the angels whisper Divine ideas to you that are loving and supportive such as, you may want to do try this or perhaps this choice will serve you better. They will also lead you on trails and paths. Follow step 1 and step 2 will come after you complete step 1. Their guidance is always loving, reassuring and gentle but can be pressing and urgent, if applicable.

IMG_20180607_222934Invisibility urges us to be seen, heard and understood, at least by someone. In these trying times, it’s important to have a go-to person or people in times of need. Seek out like-minded friends for support, love and companionship. Also, share with them your talents and abilities. Like the reiki master here, summoning a reiki energy ball to energize something, you too can become a master and then give your gifts for healing and love to the planet and your friends. This master in the painting also has an owl and a unicorn. His otherworldly and Earthly friends are beside him as he works to send positive vibes. Remember, you’re not alone. You have people who love you and who are there to give you their wisdom, magic and Presence.