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Earth Adoration Kit and Meditation

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Because the Earth needs our love. 3 varying length meditations, a printable journal, cue meditation cards, 3 call in sessions, much more!❤

All starts this Thursday, July 26th by Danielle LaPorte. She wrote: White Hot Truth, Fire Stater Sessions and Desire Map. Founder of Truth Bomb cards and statements. Poet, painter, and all-around Divine magical seeker who encourages other seekers to look within to find their own Truth. We look to her and she looks back at us. She speaks from the heart and is vivid and achingly honest.

$50 for you or, buy one for you and gift one to a friend for $60.



Spirituality and Flow

Leo Season

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Spirituality and Flow

I AM a healing presence.

World Day of Prayer- Sept 13, 2018


Guiding Prayer:

Aligning my mind and heart with the mind and heart of God, I center myself in Pure Being. In a state of spiritual realization, I remember I can never be broken, limited, or unworthy. Courageously, I rise into my true spiritual nature in this moment of healing. I heal the whole of me as I accept that I am brave. I am bright. I am beautiful.

As I heal in body, mind, and spirit, I support healing in my family, my community, the earth, and the world. Centered in Pure Being, I am a healing presence.

Spirituality and Flow

Global Consciousness, Community and Citizenship

Detention facility for immigrants. That is the most ugly thing to say or type. It’s congruent to concentration camps. Please stop this madness. We are all immigrants. We are all just people. We are equal. These hierarchies must end. Stop imprisioning people just bcz they threaten the white man (Donald Trump, et al). African Americans and now Hispanics are being caged in the US purely on skin tone alone and stereotypes. This is ignorant, wrong and lacks basic human decency.

There is movement among the people in the United States and abroad to restore peace to our planet. To create a global economy, a global society and movement.

Global community, consciousness and citizenship now for the health and safety of the people and planet.

I see the light. All I can say is keep the faith and keep praying. Get organized and keep moving forward. Go crystal, rainbow children……we see you. ❤

Spirituality and Flow

Creation Space Meditation Kit

Creation Space Meditation Kit: Get it Here

I do this meditation to get balanced, centered and in gratitude. It’s a beautiful 10 or 20 minute meditation that helps me clear, ground and focus before creating. Meditation is such a beautiful practice. It is worth it to become invested in you practice and gather a few gems like this in your audio library.

We are the temple. We are the altar. We are the prayer. We are the practice. Aho! Amen. And So It Is. So Be It.


The light in me is witness and mirror to the light in you.