Spirituality and Flow

Hermit Ascension Night

This night the moon wanes and the music lulls into my center’s core. The random incoming alerts on my phone distract me from being present to the now moment or, was that the now I was supposed to be attending to? The rice clicks to warm and I unplug the warmer. Take a seat at the kitchen altar and breathe, listening to the trickling water. Go outside and look up at the stars. Then back inside to warmth and calm. I think of my Hermit night and decide to reflect on magical things.

I pour my tea and sup. Light candles, hold and anoint crystals, create reiki energy, write prayers and sigils, mix herbs, and chant mantras while doing mudras.

Reflecting on the inner self where all true wisdom lies. All the answers are within you. Every question you have can be answered by looking within.

The inner voice is your soul’s wisdom. It is the gatekeeper to your highest self and has the answers you seek.

To gain access to your inner voice, you must get still (very still) and listen to the quiet. Listen to the hum and to the void within.

Talk with your inner self (your Higher Self) and with your ego (also include God and your spiritual allies). You can also communicate with other people’s Higher Selves. This dialogue will help you and others Ascend.

I go back to bed. Lay down and rest. I wonder about this stuff. The world is in such pain. Standing at the crossroads of faith and hope, in prayer each night.