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Direct Planets

Love by Luna

All planets are direct. And tomorrow marks my 44th year breathing on this spinning sphere that holds me here. And I share my birth with my fraternal triplet siblings. So much insight happening into my physical, mental and spiritual bodies all at once. It’s intense right now. It’s the planet. It’s Ascension. Hang on. Relax and enjoy the view. After all, we are stardust meant to shine in the darkness. Connection happens when we least expect it and change happens when mighty forces line up for transformation for the highest good. Keep believing and hold the faith that the best golden dream is manifesting.

Spirituality and Flow

An Ode to Mary Oliver

An Ode to Mary Oliver

Taking this one very fragile existence

This great hope and promise

Being and playing with it on the daily

Giving it a complete go

Trusting in the safety net

Of my own sacred soul

This my dear ole friend you did

As you sketched your intimate self

Onto the blank sheets of white

Into the memory of poetry

Allow the golden gates to guide you

As you enter your next dimension

Be blessed be well be joyful

Always love

Always write

By angelicmoonfairy

Copyright 2019

Obituary here.

Spirituality and Flow

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