Spirituality and Flow

Doorknobs and Windowsills

I feel lost, uncertain, lonely and afraid. I’m unwell, unbalanced and insecure. But guess what? That’s ok. Most folks would want to label where I’m at as a bad place. In order to grow and move beyond this place, I first have to acknowledge I’m here. Bring it to the light of existence, accept it and then seek to deal with it. I’m looking at counterintuitive ways to handle this funk. Like most folks would say run don’t walk away from it. Ok, I’ll just sit here and feel it and then come up with better feelings and feel those instead through processing the negativity. How do I do that? I sit with each emotion that comes up. Every single one. If loneliness comes up, as will be the culprit tonight I visit with her. I ask her what she needs: company, tea, a bath, a book, a good cry? I then detach from her and ask what about loneliness soothes me? How is it serving me and what emotion would fill this space better? Then I try to shift into that space. Desire Mapping by Danielle LaPorte and Soul Shift by Sage Goddess have been key guides and teachers here. I also have been rereading Courage by Debbie Ford. I highly recommend their work as you move into this sacred work. Shadow work and getting clear on how you want to feel is the work I’m in. It’s sparking creative juices and opening new worlds of opportunity.

Spirituality and Flow

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Spirituality and Flow

Political Charades

Spirituality and Flow

Circular Lines of Worthiness

These are lines for the sinners and saints

The ones who know and the ones who ain’t

Days of darkness then comes light

Words of prophecy locked up tight

Drop defensive protection

Counterintuitive notions

Coming full circle refection

Still lake calmly floating

Flexible change contorting

The sigh of a butterfly goes unheard

The grasp of a dying man is sturdy

When will we be worthy

Spirituality and Flow

Written writer’s words

Words on a page worlds away

Doors open wind welcomes

Writing to close this chapter

To hear my pulse beat

To see the lines meet

If I die today let the words stand

Let me remember your hand

Let the touch of keys ease this distress

Let me finally pass this test

I don’t know much about anything

I’m a human being here with you

Trying not to judge or criticize

Show compassion and gently analyze

The words never spoken haunt me

That’s the way it is supposed to be

Still lingering is this heartache

But passing by it is going

Our highest selves are showing

Invoking violet pink golden rays

Into the heart of this space

For the ink to inspire creativity

Making writer’s write once more

Spirituality and Flow


Right wrongs with songs

It’s been long time coming

Maybe my mind is messed up today

I’m tired lonely sore concerned scared

This mixed mood melts me

And the weather has been different

You aren’t around

Things are changing

There’s nothing to hold onto

Except my breath

My faithful air inside

Reminding me of life

The living being inside

Connecting to one

The Source of All

And all to us

Togetherness is a dimension away

Elevated awareness ascends

To a timelessness eternity here

Witnessing moments of quiet

Spacious serenity echoing Earth symmetry

Total paradigm shift

Where word medicine heals purposefully

Where telepathy happens naturally

Longing for home, the next one

ET phone home…

Spirituality and Flow

to grow closer

Trippin over the steps forward

They all lead to you it seems

Sigh another breath for what

To get closer than close inside

I want this feeling to never end

Rhythm rhymes in metered mind

Lightened up and allow love to linger

Freedom the new fashion fetish

Compassion the latest craving

Kindness kindly creates creativity

This evening I am blown away

By wind madness and dreams

Waiting to feel your touch on my skin

To share your essence with mine



Spirituality and Flow


All the words like that

You make me feel them

In a certain way of sound

That captures the essence

And puts it into me too

Like you just seem to do

Strawberries zeal in my tongue

Lemon zest on your breath

Rasberry sizzle on my chest

Take me there quick and hurry

I wanna max out with you totally

And relax in your smell


Spirituality and Flow

Broken Fragments

If I told you what was in my heart

You wouldn’t want to hear

I couldn’t care to share

We live in a bruised battered world

Where sensitivity is craziness

When reaching out seems insane

But do it anyway against the odds

Rebel against social norms

It’s the new pink and yellow

If I shared what’s in my head

You would go running in fear

I couldn’t articulate if I tried

This clarity confused in the dust

If I could share my heart and mind

It wouldn’t be easy or clear

And you don’t care nor are concerned

So unity goes unmarked today

As does so many other things

We fly as stragglers in the wind

Unaccompanied by anyone

Solo and alone

Sharing nothing

Isolated completely

Spirituality and Flow



Spirituality and Flow

Checks and Balances