There was a witch, a wizard and the dragon they tamed. The witch and wizard were married and ruled over Titaneous, the galaxy they created. Their dragon, Violet, was named after her maternal grandmother whose scales were the same color as hers.

However, the violet-scaled dragon wanted to leave Titaneous and travel intergalactically to different dimensions and frequencies.

She was brave and courageous in spirit. Her young age and empathic heart led her to fall into traps of the psyche all the time which some would consider gullibility.

She knew her time would come when things would align and the wizard and witch magic she possessed would soon expand to create something new. For the world and she herself were at once within the realm of her starseed family.

And so began she did with a blank page and hollowed pencil, sketching this creation myth as it unraveled before her.

And there appeared a shaman from the midst of haze, beckoning her in the atmosphere of dreams. The shaman had created a portal between Violet’s dreams and his. He was her spirit guide and her inner knowingness.

In this place, Violet began the work of traveling beyond Titaneous. This galaxy which is founded on physical dichotomies while maintaining spiritual faith in something better puzzled her. There must be something beyond this matrix.

Violet knew she was here in her homeland for only awhile. For her very own faith reminded her she would see and create another way. From the manifest to the miracle, Violet relied on her shaman to guide her.

The shaman liked to be called Dos, meaning two in Spanish. And he was about to show and reveal to Violet the true story of creation. It is a story of love, of faith.

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