New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse Celtic Cross Spread

Position Meanings and possible interpretation:

1. The World- present.

Presently the world, which consists of all that can be imagined or created in it, is at hand.

2. Queen of Cups- challenge.

The sensitive, feeling, emotional part of the Divine Feminine is challenging the world.

3. The Devil- past.

In the past, addictions and obsessions played a big role.

4. King of Wands- future.

Looking forward, the magical Divine Masculine will play a role.

5. The Moon- above/consciousness

Above us, in our consciousness, there is darkness and the periodic ray of hope from the light of the moon. Work with lunar cycles for illuminations.

6. The Sun- below/subconscious

Below and in our subconscious, the light of the sun is casting away all darkness. Things are being revealed at perfect, divine timing.

7. Death- advice.

Our advice is to look at all the endings happening now. Look to transformation of energy into new forms. With every ending, is a new beginning.

8. King of Cups- external influences.

The emotional and sensitive side of the Divine Masculine is playing a role here. His viewpoint and feelings are important.

9. Strength- hope/fears.

Our hope is we will have the faith and hope to manifest a new world and our greatest love. The fear is we will not love to capacity.

10. 2 of Wands- outcome.

Humanity stands looking at itself and holding the world in one palm, whilst holding a magical wand in the other. Humanity is seeing dimensions and timelines. Perhaps our consciousness of observer of our world coupled with the Divine Love of our creator and creations will assist in the ascension. Integration and manifestation are high. Look out into the reality of existence and hold the reality close and examine it. See the truth and trust it.

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