Holding on

I am not you and so don’t know your private wishes or intentions but love and honor you no less. I welcome you into my heart space where we can hold onto each other. Our promise, our unity and our love are joined in this land of dreams. I find you in me. Acknowledging the suffering we encounter everyday as part of the greater mystery. Still, yearning for the clarity beyond fear. In my arms you are and I can’t hold on too tight. I’ve learned that I will shatter you if I do. I can’t let the looseness of my grasp let you fall either. There is a gentle, yet firm grasp that is reassuring and real. A touch as delicate as it is strong that exemplifies the tenderness in my heart. This touch, this grasp, this notion of acceptance and support is what we all yearn for. I hear the echoes of soul cries and feed them this solemn vow: I will hold you. You are held in this moment.

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