Calling in the quarters

From all that is above to all that lies below; the higher thought, the physical body and the Earth below.

North ancestors and angelic guides. East rising of our central sun and energy. South grounding and centered. West balance of tides and emotions.

We call forth this day all that is holy and sacred. Higher heart healing and heart chakra opening. We are present, listening.

The mountains are calling. The Earth chakras, lei lines, are opening and clearing. We ascend with Her.

The Divine Feminine balancing with her Divine Masculine creates coherence between them and within the world’s vibrations.

Channel your starseed light and echo the voices you hear in the innermost part of your divine self.

Releasing the elements, directions and guardians and guides. The one’s here to support us in creating a new paradigm where the children are all cared for and the Earth flourishes.

Guide us this day and everyday, as you do. So much gratitude to you as grace pours in.

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