Scattered Sketchings

Started fast and then went faster before coming to a transformative halt. Went to a couple shows and fell in love with what I couldn’t have, with what was in my reach but soo far long away. Then crashed my truck accidentally while the grim reaper helped me out. There was purpose soon after. Met her like a miracle one magical night. Palm to palm from day one and then your sudden ascension from the physical left a hole in my life. Our threesome left only me here. His leaving was a relief and a great confusion. In between there, new life, in a rainbow indigo starseed child from my womb of light. That one Halloween you carried me to the car after the dancing and ecstasy had it’s way with me. I knew then I’d love you forever. Gave your crystal to him. It was destined. He always sinks in when my well is dry. But my true love, my real love is cosmic, celestial and otherworldly. It’s God. It’s all God.

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