Gateway Portal (port- hole) Open

March 20th was the Spring Equinox, marking the return of the sun. With longer, warmer days coming in, we begin our ascent into the upper realms and higher chakra activations. The portal is open. Aries season has begun.

March 28th marks the full moon in Libra. This worm moon begins to tell a story about the return of Spring and winter’s dreams can now begin to take root in the physical. Libra is represented by the scales and as such seeks to hone in on justice and balance in all areas of life: spiritual, physical; etheric, cosmic. This is the first of several supermoons that will appear for us. You could say it’s Supermoon Season. Eclipse season starts in May. May’s full supermoon is a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

This gateway from March 20- March 28 is an opportunity to balance into the Spring season through awareness, compassion, patience and inspiration. This gateway portal is an important space this year. Treat yourself kindly and rest as much as you can. Rest eases the process of ascension and allows your bodies to integrate information and downloads. As always, work with the light and beloved guidance team for ongoing assistance.

Mercury retrograde will come in at the end of May to help us revisit, revise and review our efforts and progress we have in motion and will respond to reworking things.

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