An Etch

The years keep etching their way out of my memory until there is nothing left but long distance and a sour taste. Silence is golden but yours is clouded by marred up expressions of a thing you cannot do or have.

I cannot pretend to know the future nor the path forward. All I can do, I have done. The rest sits in lap of the universe where only resolution can be won through radical truth, action, and acceptance.

The absence in the world of things beyond this realm keep us at bay. Freedom is a good thing. Freedom is everything. But who is? We are enslaved to a system we did not create. One that was begun by the few to trap the many. Showing up in reality because it is what is real in this land.

The faulty system persists relentlessly despite being obviously wrong and broken, making us all trapped to it’s methods. History is important. How we create a country matters. How we free it, even more. This time, we look in the mirror reluctant to move forward.

It saddens my soul that the veils lift and the past is left to linger with complete darkness ensnaring the free. Once we realize and alchemize the power of peace with the unity of people, truth will circumnavigate the reality matrix to create a new Earth.

In this new Earth, your games will turn to glances and gazes I recognize; a planet held by an invisible God that unceasingly loves so mysteriously and completely.

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