Riffs and Rhythms

When the world gets way overwhelming and cold, I want to be there. I want to be the one to remind you of your heart, of the goodness under your skin and in everyone. I want to crack your mind open with the wisdom of love in the present moment.

When your stomach sinks and sadness, disgust, grief and pain throw a shit show your way, I wanna be your shield. I wanna be the voice of reason to your madness. I want you to believe in the clarity of peace, see that world and stay there.

If you ever feel like it just isn’t worth it or that nothing will ever change, I want to release the scream in your lungs. When your lost, I want to help you find the way back. When you sigh with that deep breath, I want to reassure you that it matters, that every exhale of yours is sacred to me. There’s a pulse in you connected to me and to the core heartbeat of Earth.

I just want to love you like loving never left style, like it’s the only style worth keeping and what’s meant to be.

Naked in truth and honesty in a loving universe, loving you.