Why I have continually worn a mask

Covid 19 is actually a global lesson or challenge and it’s waking people up left and right. You can’t wake up the collective without waking up the individuals, one by one.

We have multifaceted selves: the physical, spiritual, mental, etheric. Covid exists in all of these to varying degrees. 3D to 5D suggests the opportunity to dismantle not just covid but all illnesses.

Covid is an illness that has intensified recently due to the Delta variant and the government requiring certain workers to get the vaccine and with requiring vaccine passports for certain events. Where do you stand?

I continue to mask up. I have a physical body that has a lowered immune response and yes, I got my vaccines. I mask because I haven’t gotten a cold nor the flu since doing so and I don’t like getting sick. I mask because I know there are people with cancer, the elderly and other immunosuppressed people who need me to. I mask because we are still in this.

The 1918 pandemic took a little over 2 years and 5 waves until it filtered out of dominance. Also, vaccines are not available to every person in every country. People are traveling to countries that cannot access the vaccine and then coming here. Thus, spreading and catching COVID is still a possibility. I mask to protect myself and others who need it. It makes the most common sense to me.

These vaccine passports are dangerous. Privacy is important, especially your medical health information and any information that tells about your life and choices. I believe in my body, my choice. It’s up to each individual whether or not to get vaccinated. Mandating a government system that records our vaccine choices, blending personal health with state informational systems, is dangerous, overarching and unconstitutional, in my opinion.

All we can do is decide for ourselves what is right and follow through. We can speak up, peacefully protest and demand change, and strive to protect personal privacy.

No one said the shift away from this dimension would be easy. Expect more chaos as world tensions escalate. We are expanding our consciousness to a global one, while creating new global paradigms, structures and dimensions. Many will transcend Earthly life at this time to assist the collective on the spirit plane. Know your deceased loved ones are still with you, loving and helping you.

Mask up if so inclined, or not. Get a vaccine if you feel it’s right for you. Don’t go to events or places requiring vaccine passports. It’s probably not safe to anyway. If you are outside in open air, breathe easy and deep knowing this too shall pass.

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