Collective Energy Read for New Moon in Virgo September 6/7

Angel Guide by Kyle Gray and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

We are growing spiritually which is creating a blessed change in our lives and in the world around us.

Ascension Angel and Ask-Angels Oracles by Melanie Beckler

How we grow and create the blessed change we seek is through emotional clearing and forgiveness. Feel your feelings, accept them and forgive yourself and others to help you clear stagnant emotional energy.

Dragon Oracle by Diana Cooper, Magic of Unicorns by Diana Cooper and Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray

The following is the support and guidance on how to emotionally clear your energy through forgiveness from our team of spirit helpers:

The Earth Dragon is creating clearing through grounding and service so we may move forward. The unicorns remind us to satisfy our souls by doing what feels good and honoring our uniqueness. The angels advise focusing our minds to get clear on our priorities.

Archangel Oracle and Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle, both by Doreen Virtue

The outcome and further guidance is to follow the moon cycles and daydream to grow spiritually and create blessed change in your life and the world.

Work with your celestial, aquatic and etheric guides of the highest benevolent light this week to help clear energy. Visualize or daydream about what you desire. It’s a new moon in Virgo so organizing, planning and preparing will benefit you this week and be easier to do. Set aside some time to calendar and schedule your month ahead if you haven’t already. Focus on your desires and intentions tonight and write them down. Release them to the universe and surrender to the assured growth and blessed change.

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