New Supermoon in Scorpio during Scorpio season

Scorpios get stuff done through the gut and grind of physical, real world action. Like the suit of pentacles, they work well with manifesting in tangible, Earthly reality. They are a fixed, water sign and water is life. It’s time to run errands, finish planning arrangements as much as possible, and connect with friends and family.

This new moon (dark, no light) is a supermoon which means it will be closer to Earth than others and will appear (when the light returns) very near and larger than usual. Can you spot the first sliver of light when the moon reappears?

Keep an eye on the dark sky as there are meteor showers happening up there. Late night in November, starting tonight brings the South Taurids (Nov 4-5 night), North Taurids (Nov 11-12 night), Leonids (Nov 17 before dawn). These are galactic energies speaking to each of us through the dark, shadow season of Scorpio. Tune into their messages, signs and love.

Solar flares also are a thing. You might see bursts a light while meteor gazing. Get excited if you do because the sun is raining these solar energies to bring light codes that are galactic energies too.

Scorpios are usually the strongest in the room because they exude confidence in finding and being joy which makes them highly magnetic. Find joy in the things you do and the things you do will bring you more joy. Scorpios taught me that.

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